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My Thoughts on the US 2016 Presidental Elections

So after having some time to calm down from the shock of Donald J. Trump being the next President of the United States, something just occurred to me. Something that I hadn't even considered before.

In some way, both he and Obama proved that America is indeed the land of opportunity. Policies aside, think about it: Before Obama came, all the presidents were old white guys. Before Trump came, they all had years of political experience. Again, policies aside... isn't that a good thing? I grew up believing that in America, you can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it. Well, in some way...Obama and Trump both showed that.

You don't have to be an old white guy to be President of the United States; you don't have to have decades of political experience to become President of the United States, or come from the elite class. You just need to have a shitload of money and the belief that you can be the President. If the Trump vs. Kanye 2020 thing is to believed, we'll again see it play out.

Look, my own personal political beliefs is that you do need some political experience before you run for the highest office in America; but I still can't help but wonder if both Obama and Trump were taking that statement and making it a literal reality without even knowing it.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind right now.


Well my understanding is that Eisenhower didn't have reams of experience either. But that aside, it is a good thing that anyone, any outsider, can be president. Anyone can write a novel. Anyone can do anything, broadly speaking. But it's flawed to believe that everyone will be any good at all the things that they try. I'm not entirely sure that lack of experience in public service is intrinsically a good thing. Yes, the corruption and the Washington Bubble is not great, and that whole outsider story "sounds good" but it means very little.

I also don't buy the line that Trump having his own money makes it fundamentally the right choice. In a way it is a worse choice because it means he is less accountable. If he was propped up by XYZ companies - yes, they are unelected but the public can still go after them. Who can you go after to cut Trump's funding? Trump Industries or whatever his business is called? It's a closed box.

We've established that you don't have to be one of the political insiders to have a shot. We should have assumed that ages ago anyway, and not wait to be "told" it. That "dispense me the power, o mighty one" defeats the whole object, the whole point that this relevation is supposed to grant us. So now what are we going to do with that knowledge? Congratulate ourselves on having acquired it? Not good enough. We have to use it intelligently.
Well, so far as i can see, and really, i know nothing. America had two candidates and it went to the highest bidder.
We saw headlines of " vote for the one you dislike the least ". That's pretty much how it is over here and that's a shame.
This campaign was ugly from both sides; the media, especially on the internet, constantly viewed Trump AND his voters as dumb racists and I think a lot of people were turned off by this arrogant assumption. Then again, many Trump supporters weren't angels either. I wish we would learn that negative campaigning is a bad idea - I don't remember much about the issues.

One good thing that might come of this is more people getting involved.

What you sow in anger, you will reap in sorrow. Peace, brothers and sisters.
Some of the founding fathers were businessmen. Some were farmers too. Many were lawyers, but that doesn't necessarily equate to political experience either. Some were slave-owners. I don't think political experience or being holier-than-thou are necessarily the best qualifiers for a candidate (this is my opinion).

But you are right that Trump proved we don't have to accept the options that the government attempt to pre-ordain for us.
I don't think opportunity in America can be gauged by who becomes president or not.

Just because a Black guy...a hick...or whomever becomes president, doesn't mean anything has really changed for the broader majority.

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