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My poem was featured on Helium!...

So, last night I was having a couple drinks with my friends, but around 2AM they all filed out. Me, being a night owl, got online and started fooling around on my usual websites, doing my thing on Facebook and checking all of the writing websites I frequent (this included.)

On Helium.com I decided to give their 'suggested poetry topics' a try. I banged out three pretty quickly. I didn't intend to do anything miraculous, I just wanted to put a couple up and see what it got me. And you know what? They loved my very first one so much they put it up on the main page!

It's here: Helium.com, under 'Helium Articles Today.' The name of the poem is 'I give you my word..." and my name is (spoiler) John C. McGuire. It has the picture of the fire above it.

Check it out! I'm so proud.


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