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My Only New Year's Resolution

It's pretty simple. More focus.

I tend to be distracted really easy when it comes to anything other than taking notes about the thing I want to write. I tend to get bogged or wrapped up in other peoples fictional or fantasy creations, or get wrapped up in other peoples ideas, and don't really spend that much on refining my own.

A while ago a lady dared me to write my first page. It was...all right...but I think she might have been hiding a wince. It did feel good to actually have put something solid down on paper, though. I never really repeated the action because I never figured out just where or how to start the story. But, at this point, I think if I don't start actually writing in that way, my story will always be stuck in the constantly shifting mental abstraction.

Also...trying to have a more positive reflection on things. I tend to reflect more on why things are wrong rather than how to make them right. It would be constructive criticism if I was constructing something, but...that's not what I've been doing so I'm changing that tune and will now focus more on lessons learned, ways to improve, wakka flakka flim flam.

And get a new chair. Seriously, this chair is awful.


if you get rid of that chair after a year or two you will spend the rest of your life trying to find it...as for mental abstraction what you need in your life is some sleaze

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