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My next wip...The shadow wars.


Once upon a time the fae folk walked amongst, brushing shoulders with us simple humans. They’d come to earth to blow of steam by playing tricks or being enchanted by music or pieces of artwork they’d seen. But then the darknesss came to Fairee, and shadows spread across the land, it came slowly, silently stealing away one fairy at a time, changing them and returning them to cause chaos. Brother turned on brother, sister agianst sister, mother against child as the darkness spread.

Their bravest warriors lined up to fight, chanting of victory as they waited. Those same war chants reached the king and his queen as they stooped kissing their only daughter one last time before sending her through the breach to safety and freedom.

Dressed in full armor Drayden watched, his eyes fastened on Arabella’s purple ones, as she disappeared. Then it was his turn, stepping up Drayden watched his King carefully,“you will watch over and protect her but not interfere,” the King’s order chafed against all his protective insitincts. “You will remember all but she will not and can not if she is to save Fairee.” Drayden nodded solemnly once before stepping through into the human world as the breach sealed behind him.

Alone he walked away into the night searching for Arabella in this vast world of mortals.

Chapter one.

With the sun shining high in the sky, I meandered through the estate's gardens. Each plant in full bloom, filling the air with their intoxicating scents. Spicy then sweet as the wind shifted. Each velvet petal I stroked, caressed my fingers, until they were sticky with pollen. Humming, I rounded the corner and crossed from soft cool grass, to sun heated stone of a courtyard. My bare feet complained at first but soon grew accustomed, as I crossed into the slightly cooler maze of walls. Each step walked me closer to the royal apartments of Lisabeth Palace.

I was supposed to be learning world history, but the warm weather had been too tempting and I'd bunked off. Father would be disappointed, Mother wouldn't care, if she even noticed. Left then right, then right and finally another left took me into a hidden space. There in the centre stood a fountain, gleaming in the sunshine. As cool water flowed from the women's hands, to pool in the deep wide basin. Perfect for cooling off. Smiling I pulled my dress by the skirt over my head, placed it on the stone bench and dived into the blissfully cool water.

My hair was still dripping wet when I heard voices. Shocked I looked for a place to hide and noticed the vines that ran
along the wall to my left. Darting behind them and muttering a cloaking spell, I waited for them to arrive.

"You know why I've brought you here, don't you." Father's voice?

"I do." Came a deep voice, that sent shivers chasing across my skin, raising goosebumps.

"You'll train her, everything you know." Father's voice echoed of the cold marble walls.

"Yes, my Lord, with everything I have." The deep voice answered and I was sure I recognised it from somewhere. But without being able to see them, I couldn't place it. 'Who were they discussing? I wondered, as i held steady for a couple of seconds. They were already drifting away, from the sound of the steps. Pushing out through the hanging vines and smiling as warm sunshine hit my face. I paused in the courtyard, just enjoying the simple pleasure. Taking a deep breath I ran, not looking through the entry arch. Something caught my toe and suddenly I was tipping forward, falling.

Squeezing my eyes closed tighter and flinging my hands out before me, I expected to hit stone as my fall abruptly stooped, knocking the air from my lungs. Blinking my eyes open, I shrunk back into the warm, strong arms that held me and glanced into twin Ice blue eyes which held me trapped.

Aria gulped back the scream that was stuck in her throat, another night another dream at least this one hadn’t been a nightmare. Shaking she wiped the sweat from her face, looking around her dark room for intruders or men with ice blue eyes. Heart slamming against her chest as she rubbed her eyes and got up.

Yawning Aria dressed and splashed cold water on her face in the small shared bathroom at the end of her hall. She’d come to uni hoping to leave her dreams behind and start a new life in York, but they’d followed her and gotton worse. Since september she’d deamed of battles, long and bloody. She heard the battle cries of a thousand voices and the common link was a dark haired boy a few years older than herself, who featured in them all good or bad.


Descriptive writting that left me without much room for my thoughts to ponder..who..where..and why...

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