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My new monitor...

So glad it was a cheapo.
Just read the instructions and I really don't see it happening.
Easy to follow.
I guess they hadn't reckoned an old fool like me.
I shall persevere with my cranky old one for now.
Might look into an I-phone but even with that I see similar problems.
Technology eh?


Your new monitor isn't working? Persevere. PM me and I'll try to help.
But I wouldn't step-down to a 6" phone screen. Unless you eyes are lot better than mine.
my sight is not good. Age related stuff going on.

To be honest I don't dare to try it.
Settings and all.

I don't DO perseverance.
If at first I don't succeed, if I ever dare to try, to hell with it and it's history. End of.

The old monitor that I'm using has a loose/wobbly plug-in. I wiggle and jiggle and I manage. When I'm no longer able to kid and cajole it into life I shall pay someone to come in and do what any self respecting ten year could do.

My life.

Thanks for the offer Winston. Appreciated.
I was thinking,if I tried to set my monitor up and failed, I wouldn't be able to pm you because I wouldn't have the monitor. I suppose the situation with the wobbly plug-in can't go on forever and if I can't get anybody in...... well? I don't know to be honest. Tablet, I-phone. We'll see.

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