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My name is STD

My name is STD
What STD am I?
Am I gonorrhea or HIV/AIDS?
My name is STD.
This is the world without condoms.

Hi, babe. Here’s your gift from me
For our anniversary.
Syphilis, you’re so sweet for giving
Me syphilis, I don’t deserve you.

I’m STD and I’m a fungi
Living in your body as if it’s the Everglades.
For I am STD
And I live like The Adams

You may feel achy
And you look pale as a banshee.
I’m the STD that’s ailing
You and its time to see a guru.

My name is STD.
This is the world without condoms.
I’m an STD
And I live in the hoodlums.


I am trying to understand

Stanza I: I am going to get you because you are careless and don't take time to lock the gates.
Stanza II: Cheating bastard, I don't deserve this. I would have locked the gates, physically and metaphorically.
Stanza III: I am going to destroy you by camouflaging my sinister intent through playing nice.
Stanza IV: Smarten up Before its too late.
Stanza V : I am the affliction of your ignorance...be wise to my lies or you are done for!
yeah you got that right. the last line "And I live in the hoodlums", i wasnt trying to say that all things in hoodlums are bad. but the STDs is like the hoodlums. if you or any other reader finds that last line offensive, dont bother say that the poem is just bad and that i shouldnt have written it. if i came out mean saying this, i do apologize. this is a poem of awareness of STDs and what they can do.
@ Iggi, youve broken the poem down nicely.

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