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My morning cups

Billy Bob Thornton was at the donut shop this morning. The lady who serves me my muffin at 5 o’something in the morning was asking me why I don’t buy the coffee anymore, and I was going on about how I bought a 5 lb bag online and how great it is until I noticed she was no longer smiling so I shut up about it, but it is really great as I get about 400 cups of coffee for fifty bucks, and the coffee is not only much stronger and better tasting, but also less acidic, which I was able to judge by the chart the coffee seller's website provided, and also by the fact that I no longer get that burnt-stomach feeling that sometimes happens when I drink too much other coffee.

And Billy Bob? Well, he was there, and I’m pretty sure it was him because he was practicing his lines like actors do, which would be pretty strange if he weren’t an actor, going on and on while facing the wall which at least did have a mirror on it, but then again actors are known to often be a little off their rockers anyway, or at least sort of peculiar/ strange though they call it creative to be nice, all the time making their living doing make-believe which I couldn’t imagine, but then come to think of it now it might not have been Billy Bob, just some guy who might’ve been homeless and crazy, and just looks like him excerpt for being more wrinkly and having more hair that was grayer, too, come to think of it again, I'm sorry, talking to himself nonstop at 5 o’something in the morning while the rest of us have things to do and places to go like going to work or catching the early bus to go to school or whatever, no time for going on and on in the mirror while everyone that walks in there to buy their stuff is thinking what the heck is this guy doing over there babbling away to himself in the mirror.

So that was my morning, buying a muffin and just a muffin at the donut shop because I already had my four cups of strong coffee by now, two before I even left the house, and two more in that big all-metal thermos cup I have that up until a couple of weeks ago was a plastic one, but then I threw that one away, the plastic one, because I swear it made my coffee taste like plastic regardless of all the favorable reviews the damn thing had when I went online to see, and I’m not going to be buying fancy coffee, going to all the trouble of buying it online, exposing myself to possible credit card fraud or hacking or whatever, or maybe having it come all rotten or gooey in the bag because something happened to the package, it got dropped or crushed or who knows what coming from a foreign country with who knows what kind of rules or standards no matter how good of a deal, only to have it all ruined by some stupid plastic container that says it’s BPA free and all that when the damn thing tastes like plastic. Sheesh.


I wonder how many autographs per week he manages to sell, or how many free cups of coffee he gets for folks thinkin' he's a bigshot actor? Lots of folks would think it so cool to buy a real life actor a cup of coffee. ;)
Autograph? Crap. I could've asked. Maybe I'll see him again. Eh, I doubt it, though. thx.

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