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My Invented Name

So, this is simply the metaphors and meanings for the name I chose.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I pretty much reinvented myself.

So this persona I take on isn't simply online.

It is my pen name, my signature, my mark on all my work. It would be my same name if I was a dj, rapper, trucker, etc.

Crowley is everything I would be if I could. It's an analogy for my personality and a polarized caricature of my delusions and thought processes.

As for the literal meaning, I didn't just choose Crowley.

Crow and Owl are my two favorite birds. I call them gold as per my hair color, although it's been getting darker as of late.

And Lee is my favorite name, actually. Crow and owl make Crowl. Then Lee. I kept the common spelling though.

I use Lee more or less to represent myself. The crow and owl, although common, and one carrion, are gold as ironic images of my seemingly opposite, self contradicting personality.

So my signature is the Japanese written form of Gold, Crow, Owl, and Lee, put together. I'm still working on putting an actual Jpg of it together.

K is for Karterson, which is just longer for Karter, or Carter. It means Carrier, and was used in even older spellings to describe chariot drivers and tourists and sojourners. It means my burdens, and my wanderings. I've never felt bound in a single place, but I've always carried a lot. It's a nice, more down-to-earth name.

Jarvis, is Spear Servant. Used to typically describe someone skilled with a spear, a warrior not to be messed with. Also used to describe several cool robotic servants.

Though I'll probably never get to learn robotics or steam engineering like I want to, I enjoy bearing that name as a further influence to my delusions of grandeur.

Given the chance, I'd do it all. Build an airship, lop off my left arm and make it metal, and practice my swordsmanship by sailing the seven skies, nothing but me and the world. Without so much as a second thought, that's who I'd be.

To those who know me, I am Crowley. The imaginary, self-contradicting, delusional gentleman. I'll see you ladies and gents around.


Pretty deep... You obviously put a lot of thought into it, unlike mine which at the time was an underhanded way to advertise on all of the sites I belonged to at the time.
You sure know how to do a proper naming- enjoyed getting to know the meaning of the name and the man behind it...

my warmest
one must admire the thought that went into a name....you uplifted it to a state of mind dude

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