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My First Blog Post

Hello world! Here goes my first blog post. Buckle up, more coming soon.

I've been blogging for 5 years. I've written 8 textbooks, and I wrote a dog training book. I'm excited to be in this forum. I've been meeting a lot of fiction writers which is REALLY exciting because I'm used to writing about relatively dry material (insurance textbooks). This forum is adding some spice to my relatively boring non-fiction life!

I love reading all of the various writing styles here and I look to continue improving my writing style and voice to better express myself and my personality.

I'm starting a new blog about entrepreneurship, following some of my efforts starting online businesses. This is FINALLY my excuse to be myself and express myself as I would normally speak, rather than hiding behind a corporate name.

I have three or four ideas for books that I will share here to get feedback on which to choose and go forward with.

I'll be sure to log my journey in this blog along the way.

More blogging and more to come soon!


Dog training book sounds cool...I walked into a pet shop and a sign around a dog's neck read..talking dog for sale..
I walked up to it and asked it to tell me about it's life...and to my amazment it started talking...well I was born into the army and seen alot of action and got a medal then I got injured and went to work for the police were I sniffed out drugs but things got on top and my last job was sniffing four bombs at the airport and got sacked and now I'm here up for sale...outraged I walked over to the counter an said to the owner it's a disgrace your selling a war hero who has spent his life saving people...the owner replied..it told you about his war an all the other stuff but what he never told you was he's a compulsive liar...

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