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My first $0.03 as a real writer! Oh, joy...

My previous blog entry, posted last night, concerned two "get-paid-to-write" websites, HubPages and Squidoo. On top of that, just now, I joined two more websites that should provide the same benefits: Helium and Xomba. These are promising opportunities for a young writer. SEO, Google AdSense, Amazon Associates... there are a lot of ways to earn money.

And, you know what?: I've already earned $0.03 on HubPages! Yup, that's right! My first three cents as a real writer. Laugh all you want--I'm so proud! Unbelievably proud... but what now?

Well, to keep the ball rolling, I know I have to write more, more, more. Each article I write will go on two or three of the sites, plus I will have to write topic specific articles, as the best way to earn is to respond to requested article topics. It's so exciting! I could really be making money writing. In the next year I think things will really pick up.

Congratulate me, dammit, I'm ecstatic! :hell_pawn:


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