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My favorite character.

I've been working on something lately and it's killing my brain.

So, I took a step back and revisited my favorite character, to make the details a bit more concrete. Putting it here made it seem more permanent.

So, here goes.

Edmund. In full, Freiderick Edmund Tamage.

That was, not his first name, but one he chose. No one remembers his real name.

He is several thousand years old. Accordingly, he often uses phrases in a mix of languages that are no longer in use, much to the confusion of his companions.

He is only mentioned as male for ease of terminology, as that was his first gender. As I will explain, his gender, and his hair, skin, and eye color all change. How often he changes also changes. Anywhere from bi-monthly to once a year. He subtly shifts, then, in one 24-hour period, he changes completely into his next 'version.'

This mutation is because his cells have changed the way they reproduce his DNA, and it will randomize itself with information received from ingested DNA. He has a very strange diet.

He built an airship, no one knows when, and it too has changed itself over the years, as he rebuilds, redesigns, or as the case may be, crashes it.

He is completely insane. He suffers from severe paranoid schizophrenia, , social anxiety, periods of psychosis, delusions, including those of grandeur, and DID.

Although he suffers no loss of memory, Edmund himself has chosen those three names.

They are the three dominant personalities, though he does have more.

As a whole, he is tired and world weary, anti-social and distrustful.


Edmund is who he originally was, who he wants to be. The gentleman. Peaceful, lonely, and quiet. The perfect image that he used to strive for, and now fools himself into thinking that he's attained. This is the closest to his original self.

Freiderick is dark. Cruel. His worst inclinations, desires, and nasty habits fall to him. He is all the desire that comes with power. The itch he wants to scratch. He is bitter and vengeful.

Tamage is the intellectual. His love of science, magic, gears and cogs, clocks and flintlocks. His more practical, almost feminine, or motherly side. His desire to create, design. To share, to protect, and care for all his friends and things.

Edmund, for the most part, retains control of his body. Freiderick and Tamage most often manifest themselves as his own hallucinations, or psionic projections.

As explained, his body shifts and mutates. He also has increased healing ability, and incredibly powerful psionic abilities, including projection. That is, to make near solid objects, and shapes, with his mind. So, Freiderick, Tamage, or any other person he imagines, is not only just visible to him, but to anyone else, because his mind has begun physically projecting them. They are quite real, and capable of inflicting any help or harm that they might do.

As well as mental abilities, he is a skilled mage. Magic easily answers his call and works in harmony with his psionic abilities. He has been doing it for so long it's as easy as breathing. Otherwise, he is skilled with many eastern blades, and firearms and explosives of any sort. Quite often he combines physical, mental, and magical techniques, to devastating effect.

Partially inspired by many of my favorite shows and books of course, Edmunds stories involve pieces from many genres.

I write about him very often. To me, it's only something that happened, and I just wrote it down.


Fredrick Edmund Tamage is one wacky dude. I read one of your shorts with him in it- I enjoyed it immensely although it was quite quirky. The story now makes so much more sense. One crazy god you got there...

my warmest
Crowley K. Jarvis;bt4001 said:
I'm open to anything. He's my favorite, so I want to make him better if I can. :D

My one complaint that I can remember is that insanity isn't a good character motivator. In fact, from what I've read, insanity cannot reveal character at all. Now, we might have different definitions of insanity, BUT my definition is akin to animal instinct. It's as if the character wasn't a character, but an animal. "What makes a character?" you may ask. I believe a character is interesting insofar as the character reveals something about herself. How does she reveal? By choosing something that she could have otherwise not chosen. We know someone's brave by the fact that he had a chance to run. The character might not actually be able to run, but might want to run. That's the kicker. Character is revealed through reflective thought. Just as murder is murder through planning. So can an animal commit murder? No. Because an animal does not reflect on its actions. Therefore, an animal does not have character. In the same sense, because a character who is insane is not thinking properly, he cannot reveal character.

For a variation on how insanity can work as a conflict for a character, I'd suggest Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. :)

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