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My dream

Okay, so awhile ago i had this crazy dream that was a mix of the Transformers 2 movie and an Indiana Jones movie. yeah, i am weird.

'So Leo, Sam, and Mikaela are flung out into the middle of the desert by the good Decepticon (airforce plane) but he dissapears when they crash. Sam and Mikaela are on the top of a very high cliff and leo is at the bottom of the the cliff and he can't get up for some reason.

Then Sam turns into Indiana Jones and pulls a long coil of rope out of his back pocket and hands it to Mikaela. They tie one end to the magical floating bar in the air and throw the other end of the rope over the side of the cliff. Indy climbs down the rope but halfway down the side of the cliff there is no more rope.

"The rope's too short!" Indy yells to Mikaela.

She looks at the section rope in front of her and sees that it is frayed down to a single thread. She reaches out to grab it and when she touches it the rope snaps--

And there my alarm clock wakes me up. I'll never know the end.

Sorry if it bored you to death but i just had to share that one. I actually do have more. i remember one from when i was 8 that was a cross between Scooby-doo and The Mummy. :tongue:


I have those kind of dreams also. But mine are creepy.

The last dream like that was Saw 3 and The Mummy Returns. Very messed up, if you ask me. :) It was freaky as heck.
Aren't they weird? did yours have an ending? i tried to go back to sleep when i woke up but i couldn't...

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