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My day is just zippy


This is day (something , a number. I forget) of the new regime. So far the wall hasn't happened. Our original plan to round up all the gays and illegals, together, and put them in summer day camps, as suggested by millions of deep state, Deep South Twitter accounts (and from all the other racist memes) has failed to materialize. Where are the Nazis? It's weird, like they just left the country. No night of the long knives.

The several hundred world famous stars and celebrities that originally had fled to the Great White North are either back or...?

Changing demographics.... Is still only whispered.

Well, frankly... I need my nanny. Otherwise: Alimony! ( again). I only pay this much for my cars to be washed, this much for lawns mowed, plants trimmed. Yes, they took out the forty-thousand dollar Madagascar abronia, but dammit, I saved a bundle( if you prorate it over the last twenty-five years, taking into consideration depreciation).
Juan Carlos said:
"You can't eat the fucking thing, so what good is it?!" A true artist, I appreciate his honesty, so I didn't fire him.

And that's my day...

but then there was this:


Don't ever...ever put those plastic cleaner's bags...you know the ones your suits come in? ... over your head! Thousands of kids suffocate instantly each year. Terrible, they should ban that. No more plastics, ever. They could use wet toilet paper, or rice paper, or something else see-through.


Loved this! But, with a right wing stacked Supreme Court there is no optimism for future decades. So my family is looking for exits.

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