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My Brother Jack

My brother Jack died today, although it wasn't unexpected - he was 91. A WW11 vet, me married his wife (she was the one who called me) in 1951 or 52. In any case they had been married at least 75 years. God. 75 years. It really hits you when it's close like a brother. Worked for the post office over 40 years.

He never talked about his experiences, came home with a purple heart and all of his limbs. He did tell me he fought under Patton, and showed me a few souvenirs of the war.

I guess they don't make 'em like that any more.

RIP, Jack.


Another goodbye from the Greatest Generation. I'm sorry for your loss, Midnight. My Dad was in the Post Office too so they probably would have had some things in common (Dad was only a child during the war though). Anyhow remember the good moments because they can never take that away.
Sorry for your loss midnight, I will only echo what Mrmustard has already said. Treasure the good times you had with him. Remember all the wonderful, weird or whacky moments you shared together.
Yes, the last generation to just "carry on" with nary a whine. If they had blogged, it would be filled with thoughts of others, not themselves. A rarity today.

I am am glad he had a long life. Sas
Sorry for your loss Midnight, may your brother live in the stories you tell of him. Thinking of you and family at this time.
Your brother was / is a thread in the American tapestry. God be with him.
And Peace with you.
Thanks, everyone - he and my brother Doug, who passed a couple of years ago - were both ww11 vets. We played a lot of golf together (Doug usually won) and kept more or less in touch although Doug was a year younger than Jack and they were very close. They would talk forever about old movies and books. I still have an old photo of me and Doug - he was just back from the war and I must have been maybe 2 or 3. Jack was the first one of the family to take me target shooting and he showed me how to handle a rifle.
Good times.

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