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My battle with a green scaly monster.

I ventured up to the top of my garden today. How did I let it get so bad? Well, I know how, but why? Allow me to explain. My back garden is quite large, must be near on twenty five metres long and about six metres wide. Some twelve metres from the house an archway runs across the width of the garden, when I say archway it's actually a thick mass of Clematis with an opening above the garden path that leads under it and on to the top border fence. From my back door you wouldn't know what, if anything lies beyond it. Talk about "out of sight out of mind". It was never really out of mind of course, I just preferred not to think about it, until now. Oh dear.

Today, I trod said garden-path to it's end. Picture the scene:

Behind me stood a wall of Clematis some three metres high and a metre thick. To my left, my old tool-shed has been totally swallowed up by Ivy. To my right a huge Sycamore tree with boughs that reach out over neighbouring gardens and facing me a two metre high closed fence. The air reeked, damp dark and musty and I was knee deep in more Ivy. Armed with secateurs and a small saw I set about exposing the tool-shed and in doing so had filled what little space there was with a pile of Ivy-cuttings. It's going to take a while. We have a brown wheelie-bin that we fill with garden waste and these bins are emptied every other week. Right now the bin is full and I could easily fill it again, twice over. There is much to do, but I've made a start. Oh and I found a dead rat. Ugh!


I have, since posting this, been back up the garden. Cutting Ivy trimmings into small pieces and filling a canvas bag, ready for when the wheelie-bin gets emptied. And that rat....... Peee'ew!


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