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Music? What's music? (languge)

Fuckin’ Lemmy died.

Who? Fucking A, what’s wrong with people? I mean, I can understand the kids not knowing, but the Fogies, the fucking Geezers. The guy was seventy, okay?! That makes him 19 when the Beatles broke on America. Why is it only people my age or younger know him? I remember…

I remember that time when everyone shut off their minds…Oh, you like that punk rock stuff… Yes, and you all of a sudden became a fuddy-duddy. Wtf!? It’s called music Darling, Rock’n’Roll, and it was something you used to listen to. Well I like this and I liked that… Yeah, me too…but when was the last time any of those groups made anything new? That’s because that time is done. Yes, they were great albums, but even they can’t bring themselves to try to do it all over. They know…

Who’s Lemmy? Motorhead? Well, he sounded like Joe Cocker if Joe Cocker were to sing Thrash Metal. What? Fucking A… you wouldn’t want him to just sing Joe Cocker again, would you? Okay, nevermind…


I have to be honest. I didn't know who Lemmy was either until you mentioned Motorhead, who I do remember. Sorry to hear he died.

I don't think I'd want to hear Joe Cocker sing Thrash Metal. That would be almost as bad as Pat Boone when he 'sang' heavy metal
Generalized rant... nothing personal. Joe Cocker? he could certainly belt them out, yell, scream, with style yes...soul... Pat Boone? not so much... different thing all together.
Lemmy was a hell of a frontman and a great song-writer.

History will remember the Billy Corgans, the Layne Staleys, but Lemmy Kilmister will [should] be right up there with them.
It's surprising how a lot of these old rockers are still around, considering the lifestyles of many - and the 'Stones! God I think they are all roughly my age (72). Wheelchairs on stage! You think they died years ago and these are zombies?:icon_cheesygrin:

Well that sucks. This is my first time hearing of it.

I can't say it's unexpected... more or less, much like Ozzy, it's a wonder he's lived as long as he did.

Love you, Lemmy. You were the Dylan of heavy metal and none shall ever surpass you.

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