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music of the blogospheres

Been busy blogwise this week...having moved a number of MP3s into a folder on my website, I updated the jukebox sidebar there and embarked on a project to explain how each of those songs came to be. Also took on the copy/pasting of a number of old blogposts to the new blogsite, and worked some on my soon-to-be-re-unveiled blognovel.
The reason why I tell you this, dear reader, is because I've recently been plucked from the great lemminglike herd of wf members (well okay, we only smell like lemmings) to become once again a moderator on the New Media board (pauses for applause to die down), and am planning to use my own blog(s) as a guinea pig for some experimentation.
The blogs here on wf may be the subject of some fun as well...since they're here we may as well call attention to that fact and misuse the space as best we can.
I was also kinda bad and created a facebook group about a peccadillo of some folks, the misuse or overuse of adjectives. The CUAUA concerns itself with that cause. Citizens United Against Unnecessary Adjectives is what the acronym stands for, just so you know. If you're on Facebook, I suggest you "like" WF. After that, you could consider joining the group.
Thanks so much for your valuable time, and please feel free to leave the money in plain brown paper bags or envelopes, right there on the front stoop so I can come out and grab it just as soon as you leave:)


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