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Multiphasic Personality Inventory Schedule 1

Please indicate with an "X" on the lines provided, whether you:​

Strongly Disagree | Disagree | Neutral | Agree | Strongly Agree​
1. This is the format of today's blog entry.​
__________________ | __________ | ________ | _______ | _______X_______​
2. Tests like these indicate far more about society's xenophobic need to categorize and label than any permanent sentiment of the subject.​
__________________ | __________ | ________ | _______ | _______X_______​
3. I would like a hot cup of coffee.​
__________________ | __________ | ________ | _______ | _______X_______​
4. I feel that attestations of Individual Relativism defeats all notions of pathological diagnoses and that society, at large, has a binding mandate to find a constructive and bespoke application for all individuals that it deems as defective by reappraising what it feels are positive attributes.​
__________________ | __________ | ________ | _______ | _______X_______​
5. The answers to all of these questions are predetermined, despite the format's conceit, to be "Strongly Agree" purely out of convenience to the writer.​
__________________ | __________ | ________ | _______ | _______X_______​
6. I am ready to move onto the next "phase" of this multiphasic schedule.​
__________________ | __________ | ________ | _______ | _______X_______​

Please complete the sentence by using the blank provided to express your true feelings.​

8. I feel that: the phrase "true feelings" is hopelessly vague and unhelpful.
9. I would like: to explain that this format was chosen out of exasperation of being subjected to this sort of uniform scrutiny over the course of several years, despite the fact that it hasn't done me a lick of good.
10. I intend to: stop hijacking this format, breaking the 4th wall and take this seriously
11. The happiest time: for me is spent writing, conceptualizing new ideas and working on projects largely born from mere whim, like this blog entry.
12. Men: is a real sentence prompt copied from a real version of this very schedule and is a complete wtf moment for anyone attempting to take this schedule seriously.
13. My greatest fear: is that my life such as it is, has been wasted because I did not have similar goals to others who seem to be living much more successful lives.
14. I want it known that: I at least answered two of these prompts honestly.

Please use the space provided to elaborate on your current mental health.​

Okay, done slavishly trying to conform to this horrendous idea of mine. Also, do not use the word "please" in the above sense. Manners do not enter into taking a voluntary psychological survey. I'm not a rude child that needs positive reinforcement and a good example, cheese and rice. Anyway, these damn things are real and never-ending. I once "bubbled" in answers to one with 500+ questions. I did always wonder if you could use one of these "blunt little tools" to define a character for a piece of writing, but then I decided that not only was it too much trouble, but that when writing a character I never refer back to attempts at defining their traits through prewriting exercises. Out of curiosity, does anyone find those helpful? I can imagine it being useful to anyone even slightly more organized than myself, which is a huge demographic. Anyway, I expressed once that my writing is far less creative than it seems. Most everything I write is structured from something that has happened to me. I know that doesn't sound unique to me, but it doesn't help my feelings that my writing is not necessarily "creative" than it is just derivative and plagiaristic of my real life. The secret to this 'style' is that no one is in a position to recognize this but me, so I kind of abide with a lot of guilt. This format is a shining example. People might think the idea of writing a blog entry like this is creative. But it's not. It's mocking something ridiculous that actually happened to me. My ideas come into this world like bastard children, half-improvised and half-compromised. Even that last sentence was cribbed from a Benjamin Franklin quote, lol. This whole blog in-general is just me pretending real events are fictional. So this entry is really a confessional for me. So let this be a warning for any future writing of mine that you read. You see something impressive in one of my stories, ask yourself: "When and how did this actually happen to Sinister, that he included it in his writing?" As an aside, the next Ertan Deep file will be the "Mystery of the Haunted Radio."

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