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Mr. Rogers movie


I watched that Mr. Rogers movie last night.

It bothered me. He's like the real Mother Teresa, not the phony, like a person who just went around doing good.

I don't know what happened, the show was my era, but I never watched him as a kid. And now, as an adult ( fogey, even) I am touched.

I think as a kid (a little kid/ like four or five) I would have found him sappy, too slow, the messages, too... those two things. But now, as more... empathetic, or whatever, I totally get it.

He was just all about the kids- a truly good person.

I feel so jaded. And he was always so positive.

He lead a good life- his work. It makes me think about the things I do- my reactions to having things pulled on me- you know, like people pulling fast ones or ... I've had to make myself hard- harder to protect myself.

My first reactions- my thoughts are often negative, defensive.


He wrote, acted, directed, produced. He bucked trends, stayed true to a vision.

When we're kids we're pure. Everything we do is obvious. If we lie, we lie, and if we don't, we tell the truth.

One of his camera guys said he never kicked a kid off the show even if they were jerks- which, you know, some kids are.

That's where it started for me- jerk kids, and my defensive reactions. I had to protect myself because kids- people- can be real jerks. I remember being punched in the face in kindergarten. Total surprise, shock, outrage, and the teacher did nothing. So, I had to learn to protect myself...

Anyway, good movie, worth watching.


I'm a little disappointed that he wasn't a US Marine, like the Internet rumored him to be.
No one is perfect.
"Navy seal". He wasn't. He was in seminary. Not the military. Nice guy, nice people around him; wife, two kids...

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