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Mr. Mole (From the Wind in the Willows)

My favorite cartoon character is Mr. Mole.
A sensible chap and a pure gentleman.
He's a sweet and lovable and too easy to love.
Someone whose learning the ways of living
right by the river with his friend, Ratty
who is a water rat.
When he meets Mr. Toad,
he's forced to reconcile his friend the way to live
isn't being rich and finding the things that you would devote
your life to like Mr. Toad does, since he's rich.
Ratty and Mole wasn’t surprised if Mr. Toad went bankrupt.
Then there's Otter and his son that Mole also meets.
And Mr. Badger along the way to the woods.
A sad way to find yourself lost in since there's weasels
and foxes that squeak in the meek dark of winter.
He often wonders how Mr. Toad is holding up in jail
for stealing a motorcar and destroying it while Mole and the rest of the gang is looking for Otter's son who took off without a trace.
A river spirit had lead him and Ratty straight to the child
who the river spirit looked after.
Mr. Mole helped get rid of the weasels that took over
Toad's mansion as Toad was away getting himself home
after escaping jail and cops dressed as the washer woman.
But yet, Mr. Mole is a gentle creature
who wouldn't hurt a soul.
If one blessed his sweet soul,
he would blush and stammer.
For he is my favorite cartoon character.


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