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More thoughts and sense than usual.

Decided to chronicle a few of my thoughts as usual. I'm feeling more towards my precise side today, oddly enough, so here goes. So, first, a bit of venting retaining to what I did today. As I said in the How did your day go thread, instead of sleeping I went to a housewarming party. For my best friend that is.

Before I proceed, I must say, he is the girliest man I know. And that is a gross understatement. Why he wasn't born female, I can only think alien abduction and testing is the reason. (lol) His new house is just his Aunt's house. She died. He got the house. Simple.Well, he hasn't even been sleeping in his new house, until this point. I know, right?

He took a trip to Indonesia. Before that, he had a job at Rite Aid! He whined and whined about how much he hated his job, so he didn't come back after he returned from overseas.He still hasn't got a job again. My point in telling you being that this is also the same day he just made his girlfriend official.

No job, and he -just- started sleeping in his own house that he's still not completely paying for. (Obviously) And yet, has girlfriend. People say I often have wisdom beyond my years. I say it's just common sense. Cart before the horse much? Stay classy Georgia... :(

I do realize though that other people are less picky.

But if one thing, I know what I need emotionally and I can be very clear and concise about sorting my own problems. It's just finding the right person. Obviously, nobody I've met right now is that person.

Again, people say I'm smarter for my age. So I know the wise course, obviously, to wait until I'm ready.

But as a young person, mentally, we place WAY too much importance on those things.

So seeing my best friend do something stupid is annoying to my logic.

Seeing him happy with a girl is annoying to my emotions.

Of course I see past this in the long run. It doesn't really matter. But short term, it's annoying. I can't say I'm jealous, because I know he's doing something stupid that probably won't work. I don't want that. I just wish that smart course of waiting didn't involve waiting.

I'm at the point that couples just annoy me because it reminds me of a finish line that's years ahead for myself.

And there's nothing to preoccupy my time. Work still leaves me with my thoughts, and I can only pursue mindless entertainment or writing for so long.

Of course, it doesn't really matter. I'll grow up and see how stupid I was to worry.

Short term, it's just annoying right now. I just had to express it. Whew.


You put into words what I've been trying to express for a very long time. Thank-you, right there with you man.
some seek love,others find love dude...it can make or break you but the important thing is it's your journey and the best of luck to you
I never found that "right person".
I'm such a weirdo that i eventually gave up but got married anyway.
Was that a mistake? Who's to say?
Might have been if i'd ever met RP and then, maybe i didn't because i was married.

Life eh?
One of the ancient Greek maxims was "know yourself." It sounds like you've got the hang of that one. Another was "folly follows a pledge." I think you understand the hazards of commitment as well. A third was "all things in moderation." That one works too, sometimes.

In my youth I focussed on getting a career, income and stable mindset. The last was the hardest for me. By the age of 25 I'd had some exploratory encounters with girlfriends but was feeling that a long term bachelor lifestyle was a viable proposition. That was of course when I met her, my angel. She was just 19 but she had her head together as much as you do now. It was never a matter of getting together for us but more one of finding a way to get apart. 45 years later we still haven't solved that, but we don't consider it a problem. We never fully noticed what had happened on that first date but we just kept on dating and never really considered why.

I kept a diary in those days, so have a full record of our prenuptual encounters. On date number 105 I bought the ring and the engagement became formal at dinner in a restaurant. On date number 238 we were in the registry office exchanging more rings. We had known each other less than nine months and we were living apart all that time, so you can do the maths on that. Date number 238 has been going on ever since.

You say that you've had reasons to believe that past girlfriends weren't for you. One day you'll find yourself short of a reason with someone, but maybe a couple of hundred more dates will convince you like it did me that there's no reason for doubt and no folly to follow the pledge. She may well be waiting there in your future, so in the meantime make sure that you'll be the person she's hoping to meet then. It's worth the effort and patience.

Good wishes,
We need to get you a hobby which carries the risk of missing digits or hemorrhage should your focus quaver. :)
At least you can put all of this into words. A lot of young people can't even do that. I think it will come when you aren't looking. Just keep doing you and someone will come along who will compliment that.
I totally understand though. It's definitely annoying.
And hey, we have our writing!

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