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More Than Winning

Even though I'm in Washington State now, I've stayed a loyal San Francisco Giants fan (that's a Baseball, or Beisbol, team).
Yes, they just won the World Series. Yes, I'm happy as hec about it. Yet, in retrospect, I find that cliché' really is a fact: It's not the destination, it's the journey.

I loved watching those guys play ball this year. They were having fun, and really enjoyed being there. Each team member supported the other. There wasn't animosity, grand standing or resentment. They were professional, but they were human. I think that's what I liked most this year. They proved you can have an iron resolve, and a heart.

Sun Tzu said it best: "A successful warrior wins first, then goes to war. A failed warrior goes to war, then tries to find a way to win."

It was a fun ride. The trophy at the end was nice, too. Not only did they earn it, they deserve it.


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