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More Poetry

Then and Now
I used to think that being different was bad,
But now I know the only way to be ourselves is to be unique.

I used to think that if I made a new friend, I’d lose one,
But now I know that if I make a new friend I’ll always have room for another.

I used to think that nothing could hurt me,
But now I know that when I DO get hurt I bleed.

I used to think you could get anything by wishing,
But now I know you must work to achieve anything.

I used to think only dreams were fun and exciting,
But now I know life is better than a dream because you can share it with others.

I used to think my family was only my parents and siblings,
But now I know that my friends will always be part of my family, too.

and another. but this one has a sotry to it. It's a poem about 'A Walk To Remember' which i really think everyone should watch.....

A Walk To Remember

An innocent soul may travel for years,​
untrifled by sins and misfortune.​
Yet those are found but one in a million,​
and the unlucky ones rarely come ‘round.​
Some are unloved, others misguided,​
and some, they simply don’t care.​
One particular boy had the heart of a lion,​
but the lion had been cowed by a mouse.​
A girl, both innocent and kind,​
showed him his life as a slab of cold granite.​
The dark veins demanded his attention at once,​
his soul demanded reconciliation.​
Through time and through faith the girl opened his heart,​
diminished his sins with a diamond key.​
A diamond made not of stone,​
but a diamond of love.​
With her help the boy rose above others expectations of him,​
and lived his life his own way, with his own goals all with his love at his side.​
Before his love left the Earth she proclaimed him her angel,​
he saved them both with his love.​
For his love was selfish, it was not unkind,​
his love was true.​
And from there she passed, in his arms till the end,​
never leaving his heart or his mind.​
The last thing she wanted from life was to witness a miracle,​
and she did—theirs.​
pure genius right? no i'm kidding... haha


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