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More Cover Versions For Marooned

Cover design can be fun and addictive. And a huge challenge. But I have the images I wanted from the outset, albeit in silhouette form except for Devynn who now now possesses those purple eyes I wanted to badly. Thanks to Jack of all trades.

Here are some versions. I wonder if I should post them elsewhere with a poll . . . Anyway, here they are:

The difference between the first and the last is I darkened the transparency in the last one for the guy in the sunglasses. Pretty much decided on the brown fence, but I sort of like the green one too. Seemed easier to place everyone with the sunglasses kid - Rodney - facing away from Devynn. But I guess everyone should be facing center, so . . . I've tried to face them all center. Which wasn't a problem with any of them, but him.

Well, what do I expect? He is the bad boy in the story! Naturally he'd give me trouble! Does it work with him and Thayne together as in the first and last ones? Or should I go with another version? Make someone bigger, smaller? That's Mom in the background, just as a reminder . . .

As soon as I can finalize the cover, I can start to work up a launch plan. Although, I'm still on the look out for beta readers.

Okay, I tweak on!


They all look great and any one them would be a
winner. Personnally I like the second with the woman
silhouette on the left... in the middle between the men
profiles...better balance...also, I like the lighter/whiter
title lettering.
If you could take the stuff Tuesday likes and the bottom of the one on the bottom left, where the author name is more clearly visible, you'd have the best of everything, I believe.
Thanks for the feedback, gals! I appreciate it. Working on another version; Jack is helping me with the graphics, so we'll see how it turns out. :)

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