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Monday Morning Moaning

Well I think I now hate Mondays.

Everything bad recently seems to happen on a Monday, this morning I woke up to a sever allergic reaction which ended me up with me in hospital by 8 am. I was seen fairly quickly and prescribed a course of both steroids and anti-histamines for the next seven days to clear it up. However I am now going to be missing two days of work this week, I owe the hospital money for my tablets and my eye is swollen shut and will stay that way for at-least the next couple of days. I may look like a twat but I have my health which is the main thing, just annoyed as when things begin to go right then something else goes wrong again. These steroids are funny though as one minute I have tons of energy and the next I'm nearly asleep. So I have got myself cosy on the sofa with the TV on and a stack of DVD's to watch through.

On a positive note it does give me plenty of time to get some writing done on both my novel, my entry for the COF and my judges scores done for this months side trips challenge. I hope that everyone else is in good health this Monday.

Who else hates Mondays and why?


Sorry to hear that. I'm mortally(?) allergic to almonds, pecans-- every kind of nut except peanuts. Had to get steroid shots in the butt one time when my friend Dalton, who I'm fairly certain at this point is trying to secretly kill me, "forgot" to tell me there were almonds in the brownies. :p

Thankfully it was just a regular brownie otherwise...

I don't mind Mondays. There's no particular day for me that's worse than any other, although I love Sundays because there's almost never a lot of traffic here.

Did you find out what caused the allergic reaction? Sounds like a spider bite or something.
Thank you Smith, no that is the annoying thing all they could say was it was something I came into contact with yesterday but I have not eae, drank or touched anything that I ave not touched before in the last few weeks or months. Absolutely baffled the doctors. I also have no bite marks that they could find. :)
What a scary way to spend the day! Glad you're home, and hope you recover quickly.

I tend to hate the whole week before my full weekend of work. I work most nights, but every other weekend I pull back to back 12 hours shifts where I work urgent care. Its really not that bad, they're just long days and by the following Monday, I'm exhausted and have little ambition to do anything. I usually take that Monday off and do as little as possible until I have to get ready for work again. So the cycle continues.

Is it too late to say Happy Monday?? :nonchalance:
Hello Jane,

Thank you for your words they have made me smile. I'm not feel as bad as I was this morning, still very itchy but the rash has gone down now and my swelling is slowly subsiding. I'm try to see the good of at least I can spend some time writing instead of working. I normally have Tuesday and Wednesday as my days off and work all weekend and the Monday and I never used to mind Mondays it was just another day to me. However recently it seems that all my bumps in the road are happening on a Monday.

I hope your Monday has been better, nice and relaxed.
It's weird experiences like this that make the best stories when you're older...

Too bad you didn't have a picture or drew a cartoon, lol.

I hate Monday's simply because they're the official end of my weekends, but other than that I kind of like coming to work. It's good when you have friends at work. Otherwise it's just work.
Hahaha I have pictures, I just thought people wouldn't want to see them.

Varied expirience I have definatly had that over the last 26 years hahaha.

I normally love Mondays because it means I have two days off starting after that shift but recently they seem to not like me going to work.
looking like a twat is temporary but being a twat is the best thing I've ever achieved in life...

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