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Monday 13/04/20

Monday 13/04/20

Today I slept in. The Magenpie didn't come. And I heard no signs to suggest that Tetskaja did either.

In truth I have been very depressed. I spent the whole day in my room staring out the window at a brick wall.

I think the lock down might be affecting me.

I sent the first third of my book to a couple of wise owls a month ago. They are busy people. But not hearing anything back. It plays on my mind. I've gradually persuaded myself its crap and stopped writing. Thus I am bored and apathetic.
It was keeping me going.
By the evening I knew I had to do something. So I started writing something new. Just a poem. I hadn't written any poems since school until about a week ago. People gave nice comments and were helpful. I fear I didn't quite know how to react. I had only done it on a whim and not taken it too seriously. Whilst I was polite and thankful in my comments, I might have been a bit - well I didn't quite know how to react. I've decided to take this poem more seriously. Maybe not seriously for I rarely take anything seriously, but put a bit more thought into it. I don't know.
That's all for today P


" I think the lock down might be affecting me."
You're not the only one Mr.Grimes.
At least I shall be able to have another shot at that no so jolly green giant at the top of my garden tmorra, my brow- garden-waste wheelie-bin having been emptied, and weather permitting of course.
Might even get busy with the weed-killer as well. What I wouldn't give for a good book though.
The green monster eh, thank god I don't have a garden. Although I'd love one right now. Can't you order books off the internet? Colin Thubron is good - travel but different - very literary. Interesting places and stories. In Siberia is my favouite of his. Do you have a kindle?
You'd love a garden right now. I would love to not have a garden right now and for the rest of my life. A two or three bed concrete block with minimal window space set in the middle of a quiet village somewhere would be be favourite. I don't want to buy books, I like to borrow from and return them to, my local libraries. Kindle? nah, not for me mate. I seem to have acquired a taste for police-detective-stories. I'm tempted to look into freebie-reading online but there's just something about reading from a real.... book. Y'know?
We'll just have to see this Covid gig out I suppose, if it doesn't see US out.

Life eh? :neutral:
Well what you could do - if there's a local book group, or online forum - or you could set one up yourself (bit of effort but nowt else to do) - is set up a group where people say what books they have, then you post them through each others letter boxes. Probably loads of people would use it (very much enjoy) a thing like that. they might make you mayor, or give you the freedom to drive geese through town.

Sorry mate, I forget about you're profile - where you live - I doubt it will work in Switzerland, not many English books I suppose.
Toodle pip P
Ah home sweet home, where people speak proper. Managed to get down molineux fair bit this season. Got me and Nephew membership then went to every pre european qualifier in august to build up supporter points. Had tickets for me and him for the Bournemouth game on the 22nd of march. It was his Christmas present. Then Lock down.
The lad doesn't know he's been born. When I was a bab well I was too young to see Bully scoring 50 a season and then went to Uni the year we finally got promoted. Moved to New Zealand just before the second time.
I can buy him panini and stickers and they have WOLVES players in them. To be fair at least you could get tickets back then. Turn up on the day. Go to away matches. Now its impossible. I miss sport. I want my sport back Dither. At least let them start the County championship, nobody goes down Edgbaston anyway, just something... I want my test match special

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