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The Alchemists tell us to "make two into one"....

"Make the outside like unto the in"....

That "all is Water"....

They speak of Dissolution and Separation....

Purification, in a Furnace....

Fulcalnelli, in Cabala, is a Vulcan reference. The author gave us many insights, and in my Experimentation, his Revelation of the Notre Dame Cathedral's Artwork, taught me to study all things Concrete and Metal, in relation to church buildings and our Art.

Vulcan reminded me of Furnace, for some reason. So I studied these works of Art, and Experimented.

What I have found reveals a secret that leaves all of Society without excuse.

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"Mercury" could also be understood as the "Red Eye", because Quicksilver is the combo of Sulfur and Mercury.... The winged reference alludes to the fiery spirit behind the manifestation. Angels are Messengers as well, so, mixed with Our Water, seems to be referencing "eyes to see".

Aligned with the Furnace, the four Elements and their Relationships, the Application of Truth requires Faith, which presents as a Furnace heated seven times hotter than normal. The Fire of Truth is mixed with the Water of the Mind, then we are to "make two waters one". Up and down, inside and outside. Again, Faith is REQUIRED. But not just Faith.... no. This is a SPECIFIC Faith.... Faith in the Truth. Faith that "it is Finished".

The Application of this Process PRODUCES the Red Eye.... This Red Eye is understood as Mercury and Sulfur combined and Circulated.
I am trying to be as open as I can be, without sewing weeds and thorns. Trying to explain what I see in the stone. Trying to pull the Sword from the stone, for you.... But I cannot do it for you.... I can only show u how. You must do the work.

Yesterday, I started on a walk with a youngster, taking him around to see the different things I can see in the church buildings. Then he offers to take me somewhere, promising I will like it. The revolutionary cemetery he took me to blew my mind! But the walk started by revealing the angel wing reference and Process asserted by the building. Then, the cemetery put more together! Even the kiddo could SEE what I was explaining. Lord opened his Eyes. But later last night, it all came together for me.... This is AMAZING!
So check it, "Application" is a requirement of Belief. It became clear, the Cabala of Applications.... There is surely another deeper meaning behind the manifestations of "applications" for "jobs".... hence "work/e". Spirit behind the letter, on several levels here.
I love your groping, prodding, running the fingers of your mind over stone and metal with no clear motive or expectation beyond the reality that such seeking can and should take place. In other words, you don't know what you're doing, but you're sure that 'not knowing' in THESE FIELDS stands a fuck of a better chance at coming to something worth coming to than going to church of a Sunday, clicking for goods on Amazon, or making New Year's Resolutions. I admire you.

I am not a Christian. Nor do I subscribe to the idea of a single God of any religion, any time, any where. Most people, upon hearing these shocking revelations--after praying that I might somehow save myself from the eternal fire and torture that awaits me--announce, "aha! you're an Atheist!" No, I am not. Not with the capital "A" imposed. There is no 'church' or 'god' or 'movement' or 'belief structure' called Atheism. Nor does it even follow logically than a person who declares he or she is an "a - theist" is an enemy of God, against God. An a-theist can be monumentally indifferent to the issue, never even thinks about it.

An a-theist can be profoundly spiritual, preoccupied with the inevitability of death, casting about for a spiritual path down which his thoughts/feelings/actions/aspirations can best find their way. For me, to the extent that I formally recognize and find inspiration in ANY 'organized' religion , I turn to Zen. And, Nobodyparticular, that's what I most appreciated about your Seeking in the posts above. You are like a gourmand in a hall of extraordinary foods, the outlines and configurations of which you are familiar. . .or sorta familiar . . .and your taste buds are twanging with anticipations of known tastes suddenly (maybe, not sure, even more exciting . . .) becoming the most amazing delights. And you've got the balls to try.

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Personally, I see something much more profound. The removal of the Sword from the stone, revealed something I am not at Liberty to reveal openly. So I try to use Images, to speak to the Seeker. Theist and Atheist, black and white, up and down, in and out, Truth and lies, this captivating system creates a Tapestry, able to be undone, but only with a very certain Key. Philalethes, Flamel, Hitchcock on Swedenborg, Vaughan, all belonging to a Society of Men, able to affect the Experience, to Reflect their Soul. I am not a preacher of any sort. I just simply See something so profound, and all I can do is put words and pics together, to destroy the lying molde. From Plato to modern physics, from Hermes to CERN, yet there is an underlying continuity that Fulcanelli unveiled to me, of course, with some Help. These Schools in stone still stand today, and the Art is alive and well in the world of Experiences.

Don't confuse the letter for the spirit behind it. But as the A-theist, I have to assume you have Dissolved a Door. But if you have dissolved this Door, and have yet to dissolve any others, I have to ask, why did you stop there?? I would say the Unification of two things into one is only justified by Way of Separation and Purification. Truth is not the opposite of lies. Lies do not come from Truth. Consider what I say here.

Audacity. That is what I throw in the face of those who war to maintain there deceptions. They don't know how to see beyond their Mindscape. They preach and teach, thinking they know, and all of society follows suit, aside from the few who dare to stand apart from all that is called Sensible. Standing apart does seem to Oppose, until the Revelation enters the container. From there, the Light does shine, and the darkness is dissolved/ But it is a Worke only a chosen group dares to Entertain.

The Kabbalah of the Mystics, to the Wise, a Cabala, reveals a Truth, a Fire, able to bring all fires under subjection. Do not be deceived. I am not encouraging one to jump off a cliff unprepared. Most mistake the fire for the Fire, and thus they purify their prison cell, believing themselves to be helpful. How can one in such a state ever hear the Truth?

They cannot. But they work so hard, rather than Worke, because it Offends. They do not Understand. Yet their social structures are built upon their deception. To function in that society, one must adhere to the system in place. All who challenge it usually fold to the Momentum, or they are cast out, chewed up, spit on and burned at the stake as heretics. But the Wise understand, and use the fires to purify their Fire.
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Hi, there. I would like to say that you sound like you are a really good writer. I have recently come to this website and decided to read what was published on this page and when I saw the content you put here I thought that it sounded wonderfully expressive with such brilliant words. I decided to read what you have written because I thought that I would like it and I want to say that I do like what has been written here, I think it is great, giving it another way to say it. I like that a lot. I appreciate that you have some talent at writing whatever your level.
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