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Just wetting my feet in the whole world of blogging and forum posting that I left behind years ago. It is a shame when real life gets in the way of screwing around on the internet with people you don't know. Not that real life has lagged at all. In fact, I am less busy now than when I was messing with it back in the day. Hmm...I wonder why I stopped. Probably just became bored of people, they tend to get on my nerves. Anyway, this is basically just a test post that either no one will respond to or people will just say "welcome," so I am trying to not write anything worthwhile. Maybe next post I will question the precepts of Deontological and Teleological Ethics.



I've read your posts and you've much to offer us poets, every word very much worthwhile. I sincerely hope you intend to stick around, we'll try to keep the "people" out of your hair so as not to rattle your nerves. You are definitely an asset to the board. And just so you're not disappointed, here's a boring "welcome" with just a little warmth attached.

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