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Six o'clock on a Saturday morning, i've just knocked off work, and i'm going to take a slow walk into town, kill an hour, then catch a bus out of town.The weatherman had forecast a frost, the grass was white and i was freezing my nuts off, he wasn't wrong, and when i got to the bus stop i didn't stop pacing, Christ the air was crisp.
Then, from out of nowhere a gaunt figure appeared, old, weather-beaten, shoulder-length silver hair and beard, it was Downan, it looked as though he was struggling to put one foot in front of the other. I said once that it was nice to know that he was still alive, is that living? Well, anyway, he's still with us.
I wasn't sorry to see my bus pull in, i climbed aboard, flashed my Mega, they don't even look any more, i've ridden those buses for so long now, i dashed to the back, and in less time than it takes to blink, or so it seemed, we'd arrived, chugging along Abington Road, in traffic, at around a quarter to eight., of the journey, i remembered nothing, but i still had my boots and my belongings so hey! WTF?:congratulatory:
The first thing i saw was a shop front with a sign that read...... "Holy Ghost Zone". What?:-s "The Redeemed Church of God". Okay:subdued:

And then, just a few shop-fronts down the road, " The Jesus Centre". Ohh dear."Worship, Friendship, and Help For All. Circle Cafe + Info-desk + Skills Suite +Listening ear ( or should that be listening here?) + Set-up Scheme.

LOOK! No offence to you religious types but it just isn't happening for me, i'm sorry but there it is.

The bus pulled into the terminal, i made my way to the market, and it actually didn't feel so cold, Breakfast at Brian's, Fryin Brians of course, a cone of chips, not as good as Frydays by a long shot, but they were hot, swilled down with a cup of tea, and life wasn't seeming half so bad.

I strolled up and down the main Street, admired the Discovery, a memorial to some chap named Francis Dick, a scientist, now deceased and born locally. It was a stainless steel double helix structure, two six meter columns with a life sized "marble resin" human figure on each one. Well that's what the plaque said.
Also, i noticed a very modest, discreetly placed bookstand, and when i got closer i saw a sign that read "what the bible teaches us", and there were attendants hovering, waiting to pounce, i saw that three times.
heading for Morrison's, walking down a busy Street, and i kicked a slighly raised paving slab, MF Son of a bitch, Jesus! Shit! And i went sprawling, tumbled and rolled, sat and cursed for a moment, as one does, and got back to my feet.
Passed The Church Restaurant, what seems to be a converted church building, with tables and chairs outside and big San miguel umbrellas, interesting i thought, and on to Morrisons, i didn't need much , and i didn't hang about, i soon walking back up Bridge Street, carefully, and munching on teacakes.
The sun was having a punch-up with the effects of an early morning frost, and winning, i was beginning to warm up, and faint glimmers of enthusiasm were starting to appear, yes, i would linger at the market.
The first stall that i encountered had camouflage netting draped along the front of the counter, "Wild Game Meat Ltd." That's new.
"Eat Well, Live Well."Said the sign.
Hot smoked sausages and other culinary delights made from Venison and Wild Boar. Where you frum? A customer asked, "Lithuania", came the reply, why not? I suppose.
Deer Jack,,, Boar-Sticks,,, Salamis.
Sausages such as , Bananarama, The Ploughman, Hancock, but at four quid a pound, Deer Sausage and Boar Loin a tenner a Kilo, i resisted, interesting though, i had to admit, again, why not?
Making my way back to the bus terminal, i passed a Hairdresser's Salon, there was a sign above the front window, just one word in big golden letters " NAKED".
Then a clothes shop, again, just one word, "CIRCUS".
Bugger bein old.
When i finally got to my bus stop i hadn't got a twenty pence piece for a pee, "no problem sir" advised a friendly attendant pointing to the all new singing and dancing 20p coin dispenser, oh well , at least my bladder got some relief.
My bus was due in three minutes, nice one i thought, it hadn't been so bad a morning after all, but i was tiring fast, i was ready for home, and i was ready for my Taurus.
The bus came and i was glad to be leaving, i reckoned that today's excursions alone, if i'd paid for them would have cost in the region of a tenner, i do love my weekly ticket. MEGA! MegaRiderGold.
I was starting to worry about my block of Pilgrim's Choice that i'd bought in Morrisons, and my Lamb's Liver, hadn't planned to buy cheese, but at half-price how could i not? There a refrigerated bag of diced carrots and swede lying on it it so hopefully that would stop it from sweating.
And i would see some of the journey going home, but this bus doesn't hang about, we hit the roundabout leaving town, the driver gunned it down the B14, so far as a double-decker will be gunned, i just leaned back in my seat, stretched my legs, and relaxed.
Service-Stations, Retail-Parks, Garages, and Greasy-Spoons, whizzed by, the occasional green and white walls of the blackthorn. Did you ever climb trees when you were a kid? Did you ever climb a Blackthorn? And did you ever feel those thorns tearing at your hands, snapping off from the branches as the sunk into your young tender flesh? Damn! Those mothers could bite.
And Cow Parsley, we used to call it Keck, did you ever make a keck-farter? Happy daze.
Farmyards, small-holdings, livestock, acre upon yellow acre of oilseed rape.
Another forty odd minutes fly by, and soon i'm waiting for my connection, just a few more miles, and with only a few minutes to wait.
Wish i'd worn my crocs now, the dogs were not so much barking as beginning to yelp,they were tired, i was tired, and they were starting to hurt, these damned work-boots.
Not long now, the bus headed off into the country once more, and as we did so, past the Loco pub, a grassed area, daisies and dandelions, i look for the Kite that frequents these parts, i didn't have to wait long, and that sky, pure Simpsons.
The Wind Turbines, i really don't see the problem with them. An Obelisk has it's own little patch of ground by the last and final roundabout, a plaque has been placed by the local council, and i really would like to check it out sometime, would love to know what there is to know about it, how old it is, is there any particular reason for it's being there? That sort of thing.
At last, i'm off the bus, walking home, in a hurry, where my honey waits, patiently, my Taurus, my lovely lovely Taurus.



Inspire? Work?
Escorial, i can't see it like that, i'm just some silly old bugger having a chat with whoever will give me the time of day.
your a writer for me that is often unaware of his output until it's posted live in a way..thats the feeling i get man
It doesn't seem to happen much nowadays Escorial, i think i need a total getaway, y'know?
I do, but i don't seem able to capture the moment, or if i do manage to get something down, it's just not the same when i attempt to write it up.
I think that is a frustration for all writers, dither. The disconnect between what's in the head and the mess on the page mocks us all...
Interesting how different your world is than mine here in the country in the US. You seem to capture the moment and your impression of the world around you, I wonder how your environment views you as you pass through it?
i always enjoy you're writing

do you write books or novels ? because i think that it will be great
what do you say ?
i wish,
i don't have the imagination for that.
Would love to to be able write "fly on the wall/just passing through" kind of stuff,
but even if i could,
i seem to be so tired lately.
Maybe i'll feel like doing something next week, i have a week off.
Plenty of taking things easy for a start , i DO have a couple errands to run involving bus-rides, that might make the old wheels creak into gear, we'll see.

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