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Meeting death and Mr. Peril head on


The best thing to do is to freeze, not panic.
He may be running right at you, but you can't get away. He's faster than any human.
He could tear an arm off.
He can bench a lot, too.
He drives a fast car, and it's very shiny.

Maybe if you just... never mind;
he would kill you, anyway.
Perhaps a gun? That would do it.
You could wing him if you're feeling generous.
It's more than he would do for you.
But then he might come back, so...

He's almost on you.
Smile. You might as well.

Wait till the last second
and then go for his balls!
Who knows? You might get them.
And then remember not to stop.
They always do that in the movies: stop,
and they always pay for it.
Don't stop until he drops, and then don't stop some more: Stomp!
Stomp, stomp, stomp...



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