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Maybe when I'm "retired"...

I dread the thought so I shall put it another way, "when I'm no longer able to work." The time, that time, draws ever nearer and I have mixed feelings about it. Yes it would be nice to pack it all in. Get off the treadmill of working life but might boredom become a problem? Also, the greatest worry of all the financial implications and burn-out, time will tell.

Where was I? oh yes, maybe when I retire....

I want, so much, to give some level of attention to and participate in the few interests that I have but I am finding that, with time, increasingly beyond my capabilities. It's almost as though I'm looking through binoculars in reverse. I'm losing touch. Interest in almost anything is becoming, to say the least, fickle and intermittent. Work is all consuming and my weekend offers little respite.

On Saturday mornings, as some of will you know, I work nights, the treadmill doesn't end there. Armed with backpack and tote bag I head out to Stugely for my weekly shopping, how/when did I ever need so much? I sometimes wonder but it goes and by the following weekend it's all gone. It's mainly to do with work though. Day to day living and the packed lunch.

Saturday afternoons, where once I would have stayed awake, perused the football betting markets, maybe had a flutter, and sat in on WF, having had barely taken the top off the big brown bottle of cheapo Cider, my constant weekend companion, I retire, oh dear that word again, fall in a heap on to my bed and that, as they say, is that.

Through out the whole of Sundays my mind/everything is an agreeable blur. The Cider flows and I savour every mouthful. I read some, snack on yesterday's leftovers and before I've had time shake off the baggage of the previous week the prospect of another Monday raises it's ugly head and off I go again. Already I'm making a list of things I need to put on next Saturday's shopping list.

Life eh?



Dither, liked your piece very much. Honest and glittered with fear of freedom. Retirement is a time for reinvention. Nobody to step in front of your dreams but yourself. And perhaps cash.

But real happiness as you know, doesn't come from $.

So don't use the word 'reinvention' cheaply. Its a powerful truth.

Hope to see you around the forum and thanks for liking my confused post. I figure, there will be a few more misinterpretations. Unfortunately.
"Canary in the gilded cage" springs to mind although the cage is not gilded and this scrawny old bird is no Canary.

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