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Maybe it's time to consider giving up my weekend tipple.


I 'm on those capsules now. Okay, I've only been taking them for four days, took my fourth one this morning, and as we would all agree I'm sure, there's no cure for old age and most of my troubles are self-inflicted.
But; If I see a turn around this week I would have to wonder if the booze is causing the CBD a problem and maybe even go dry for a while. No I'm not a big drinker but alcohol is alcohol. We shall see.


It has just occurred to me that my legs don't feel as though my hamstrings have been replaced with strands of barbed wire. Well I HAVE just had a week off work and they're usually at their worst when I wake up through the day after having worked a night shift. Legs still feel heavy though.
I tend to drink a bit more if I don't keep myself busy. One or two days a weeks probably isn't bad, as long as you're not frat-boy swilling.
Hope your legs feel better.
Good to hear your legs aren't at their worst. Feel better. I can relate to all the aches and pains. My back often hurts from my scoliosis.

I stopped the oil and I can feel a difference for the worst. I was thinking about trying the capsules, instead of the oil. I think the capsules are a better deal and may last longer. I think they are meant specifically for body pain and inflammation. But what do I really know? I haven't really researched the stuff.

like I said, those capsules, hardly the price of a cup of tea and if they DO/CAN make a difference I'll stick with them.
I took one this morning, after my night-shift, Ate just enough, 30 mins later, so as not to go to bed on an empty stomach. I slept as well I ever do I think and yes, I ache, but I haven't got that sharp/spikey soreness in the back of the tops of my legs. I'm hopeful.


"frat-boy swilling? An Americanism?
Oh dear,
was never really an option I'm afraid.
Can't do without my life-support.

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