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You there, I see you looking at me in the rearview mirror. What’s up? You think I’m vibing you? I’m not. I don’t care. Drive how you drive. You should pay attention to what’s in front of you. Take your time. Turning across traffic is dangerous. Don’t hurry; but then don’t take too long. Go too slow and you might get hit, and I don’t want that—Imagine the noise; earsplitting, worse than annoying; tire squeal, two metal bodies colliding. You, your vehicle, the other: crushed, damaged, parts torn, shorn, flying, fluids spilling, everywhere, all over the road. Who wants that? Sharp things in the street; I might flatten a tire, and that would make me really late.


Some folks haven't quite gotten the whole driving thing figured out. Slowing down to 5MPH to veer off the road into an opening 100 feet wide is crazy. If I didn't have the confidence to hit a spot that wide at speed I'd quit driving, lol.

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