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Marooned on Planet EARTH - Devynn's Dilemma

I've finally finished my young adult novel today. I'm really glad I went over it one more time. I'm sure there are a few flaws I missed, but I caught some big ones I can't believe I missed the last time through.

Also had to do some research to make sure my legal facts were right and I'm happy to say, they are. My story would not be the same if I have to take a different direction at the end. Plus I had to also look up some military related stuff to see how it works when a married soldier is MIA. And all the stuff about boot camp and such. I don't use much of that, but I had to know it so I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. The guys don't talk much about their experiences. If at all. I decided to have them be like my dad was. Never told us a thing about his end of the war tour of duty in Japan.

He would, however, count his money in Japanese for the fun of it and tell my sister to be quiet! Heh heh. Yeah that shut her up quick enough!

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to start the next one which I think might just be called Daveena. Unless I decide to call her Davyda . . . Hmmm. I'll have to change it in Devynn's story if I do as she is referred to there. I thought about spelling it Davyna but decided against it.

I had a heck of a time converting it to PDF until I realized I could export it to PDF which worked wonderfully. Got something messed up with my Adobe Acrobat 9 and while I found how to fix it, I really have no clue how to do it. And the Microsoft PDF plug in just quit working for me. So glad the export feature works!

I made a PDF with Draft2Digital's PDF creator, but it's butt ugly. The mobi and epub files are very nice and they have templates now if you want to use those. But PDF really stinks. I much prefer what I can do myself.

I can't wait to launch this story! But I'm trying to be patient and do it all right. I really don't know how that works when you haven't got a readership to speak of, but I'm going to shot for July. I should have a bit of cash this month to do a little promo and maybe have a better cover made, although I do like what I have - just wish I could find the silhouettes I really would like for it. Probably, I'm going to just have to do them myself if I decide not to use what I have. Couldn't find boys I liked nor an image of an annoyed mom, so I'm using silhouettes.

In the story, Devynn has purple eyes. But for the cover, brown will have to do. I love this image.

It's 3 AM and my brain has started to shut down. Haven't slept in days, well, not a good night's sleep anyway. I had to edit a short story for my niece who's hoping to graduate this year. But she won't if she flunks this last project.

Story was supposed to be 3 to 5 pages and once she finally grasped she needed a clear ending to it, she had ten pages. I got her to get it to eight but her teacher wouldn't accept it that long but would allow six. So she begged me to do the edit so it fit on six pages. Was a challenge! She has a tiny bit of wiggle room if she wants to change anything. She's one who gets carried away with description and details that would be okay if she was able to do a longer story.

Heading for bed now! Night all!


Thanks Jack!

Well, I wanted something different, you see. Her coloring draws attention and it's why the boys hit on her. And some of the girls are jealous.

I complain about the cover, yet, most covers don't represent accurately the characters of the story anyway. When you're doing covers from stock images, it seems you're rarely going to find exactly what you want. If I had a budget, I'd find someone who could do what I need, but alas . . . I do not. Maybe down the road I will be able to. But for now I'll run with this one--brown eyes and all!
This is probably my last post until Friday.

I meant change the color of the eyes in the picture. It can be done in MS Paint, so I imagine it can be done with other software as well. It's something to consider, anyway. You can PM me on Friday if you want to discuss this in more depth. Good luck!
Yea, congratulations! Having never written a book, I
understand better from your blog more of the detailed
decisions that have to be made. I love the cover! The
silhouettes are perfect...evident yet subtle. It’s a nice
blue too. It sounds though, if you could....find a way
to highlight or shadow her eyes with purple.
I will PM you Friday, Jack. I would love to be able to change her eye color on the cover! I'd love to change her hair color to a more lighter shade of blonde as well.

Tuesday, yeah, I've got some complicated legal stuff going on, not only in this story, but in my romances as well, especially the third one. Besides scoping out the internet, my youngest sister is a paralegal who used to work for a family law attorney. Which is nice when I want a quick answer or can't find what I need.

Of course, laws can be different in each state, but since I haven't actually chosen a state for the YA--there's a Northfield in just about every one of 'em--I figure what I've got could fit at least one of them. :) The Northfield I lived in for about three years when I was very young is a tiny little hamlet with a general store and a post office, a Congregational Church and a school that only went up to fourth grade. That's it. It's pretty much the same now as it was then. The store doesn't have as big a selection of penny candy as it did then, but now has a great bakery that more than makes up for it.

One day, I'm going to take a day trip to the three Northfields "nearby", and compare them. See if I want to change anything in my fictional town. Right now it's more or less based on other towns I either lived in or just loved the layout. And it's the same town my characters in my middle grade novel live in. They may cross over at some point somehow.

I'm so glad you like the cover! I don't know if you can tell, but the shading behind the people are images of Earth I made somewhat transparent. I didn't want anyone thinking it was a sci fi!

I hope I can change her eye color and maybe her hair. Be so perfect then!

The romances are set in the general area of Newport and Jamestown Rhode Island.

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