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Mailing the Tabloids,

Plastic Bottles:

The very latest cause celebre according to my preferred daily wheeze and so I E-mailed them. No of course it won't count. Someone, somewhere, maybe even a computer-programme, without so much as a thought, will simply click on delete and flush my heart-felt words down the cyber-toilet.

My point is that there is so much that I didn't say.

As I seem to be turning into a very conscientious social observer, it's my age, I have to get my thoughts together before clicking on send.

There is a reason for my reaction to this of course, besides the need to clean up.
If i lived near one of the afflicted areas i'm sure that i would be keen to take part in any voluntary clean up activities. Think of the social interaction that this might achieve. Getting out, walking the dog as well even and actually talking to a fellow human being.


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