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So I got into a conversation with Smith about music and it made me feel like posting one of my favorite lyrical compositions called "Silent Assassins". It's a song about ninjas.

I write metal music. Sue me.

Silently they swarm
Through the darkest black of night
Following the scent of blood
They seek their victim's life

Creeping through the shadows
Of the sleeping forest's light
On the hunt and set to kill
With or without a fight

They react with no emotion
Kill their foes with no remorse
They draw their blades and charge at once
Each faster than a horse

Their prey may run or try to hide
But never can escape
The silent assassin finds their mark
Death, their victim's fate

Bloodshed and murder
Assassins live to kill
They know no hesitation
They obey their master's will

They travel hard to find their mark
Attack from out of sight
Above, below, from every side
They are the black of night

Like vicious beasts they long for blood
They strike and strike again
They hang and slice their foolish prey
Dissect them end to end

They have no need for selfish pride
No need for foolish honor
They slay the young; the weak; the old
And relish in the slaughter


This song is musically completely written. These are simply the lyrics, and, as a component of my creation, are owned by ME exclusively.



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