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Lyrics 3!


This is a song I've been trying to find the transcript for, but I can't find it, so I'm rewriting it real quick.

It's called "Say Hello To Fate" and I think it's the third song I ever finished lyrically? I really can't remember it verbatim so I'm going to try to revise it a bit.



Insinuating heresy in all we do and all we say
Corrupting minds with one shot lies
It all ends here today

Would you imply the public eye
believes this will be rectified
by delegates defined by what they're paid?

I won't sit back and be subjected
To this lie that has infected
All that leads me to this bloody rage

And if you wish to test my fury
I suggest you'd better hurry
Because I'm about to blow your ass away


Sticks and stones my break my bones
Lead pipes will sure break yours
You may scare some with your brand new gun
But I'm not one of those whores

You can buckle down and run away
Up until your dying day
But you can not escape me in your dreams

I am a psychotic freak
Fueled by anger of the weak
And I'll watch your mind corrode from seam to seam


Murder, murder, before your eyes
ICBMs will paint the skies
Nothing will escape the holocaust

It's all on you and duly noted
All those achievements you showboated
Will be covered in a lovely permafrost

On a scale of 1-to-10
You fucked up big, now it's the end
A rimshot for humanity's greatest sin

Your time is up, prepare to die
don't even try to question why
You dug the hole I'm gonna put you in


You're the one who started this
I'll end it now with force
You tried too hard to run away
And got locked outside the door

The carpet bombing won't subside
'Til the death squad's on its knees
Twisted corpses litter roads
ravaged by RPGs

In fear you'd hide away inside your armored walls of steel
Now you're exposed and all alone
I'll show you how it feels

[Alt. Verse]

Out of the darkness we'll attack
We're taking all that's yours
Left alone in a field to die 'cause when it rains it pours

Without a whisper, thought, or prayer
The final dept is payed
Blood, sweat, and tears are shed upon the flag now waved

[Alt. Bridge]

It's time for you to pay your debt
Cry for every last regret
It's time for you to close your eyes
And kiss your stupid ass goodbye

Our pain is great
Now it's too late
With conflagration in our wake
This country we shall decimate
The end of all
Of all we hate
Say hello to fate.


Yeah, this isn't the whole thing. I believe there was one more verse. I doubt I'll ever find the original transcript.

EDIT - I remembered the missing parts and edited them a little. This is the entire song.


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