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Lucy Dies Tonight

Lucy Dies Tonight

Lucy was just a kitten
when my mom and I took her in.
She once fitted on the palm of my hand.
I was 6 or 7 years old
I loved her as my little sister.
But tonight I lost her.
She died in my mother's lap
for she couldn't breathe.
She was ill for a few days
but today I'm sorry to say is her last.
While in 1st grade, she had her first litter
I was so excited
but then I was sent to school
Lucy was my sister who died tonight.
When Max another cat came in
drunk a few years back she checked him out
to see if he was ok and then she would give him a beating.
She died in my mother's arms for there was nothing
we could do to help.
When the trash men came to pick trash from the ally way yards
one of them shouted, "She's looking at me.
She reminds me of my mother-in-law."
For Lucy hated everyone
except for my mother and me.
She dies tonight in my mother's bed
while my mother tried to revive her.
When we moved to Hamilton,
she was on the fence grazing the sun
some children coming to or from school screamed thinking she
was a witch's cat for she was black.
She was dark chocolate.
She didn't make a sound when she died tonight.
My mother's muffled sounds of crying
I could not stop seeing roll down her face.
For I was crying too when she died.
For Lucy dies tonight.


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