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LRWG Lesson # 08 is Finished!

This is a copy paste from my off site blog. Since not everyone visits it or knows about it, I'm sharing this here.

I finished the project last night and sent the files this morning. It should take about 2 to 3 weeks to receive the response. What I learned with this lesson are things every writer needs to know

• How to write a query letter, cover letter, and pitch.
• The importance of having a beginning, a middle, and an end.
• Being patient avoids mistakes.

As always I cannot say enough about this school and the program. Long Ridge Writers Group has been a tremendous asset. I am 2 /3rds of the way through and the affect on my work is not only noticeable but permanent.

What I learned in Part 1 of the program:

• The value of making every word count from having a maximum limit.
• The difference between show and tell is glaring. Showing draws in the reader, and telling can sometimes border on preaching.
• Visualization- being descriptive can be a good thing, it can also go overboard.
• Every writer needs resource tools- have copies on had of books like The Best of the Magazine Market for Writers
• Non-fiction and 1st person are not for me

What I learned in Part 2 of the program:

• How to plan a story
• How to approach the market in 2 way- write a story then select a market or select a market and write a story targeted for it.
• Understanding resource material and researching publications
• It’s worth having a book about the market. There are far more publications and there’s books that have categorize them. BMMW is part of the course materials. I found another one on Amazon.com See below
• Always have a back-up plan
• Revising a story is one of my favorite parts of writing
• When it doubt, ask for help. it never hurts to get a 2nd set of eyes on something.
• The 3 things that I listed about for Lesson 8

Links for the market books are on my blog in the post "LRWG Lesson # 08 is Finished!", the link to my WordPress is in my signature line. :)


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