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LRWG A Year Later


Well, here it is August 2015. I should have finished the course by now. Sadly, things happened and I haven't finished. I'm still on assignment # 9. My deadline was mid-December 2014. So, what happened? The same crap just different days.

It seems like right when I sit down to work on the project the chaos begins. It could have been quiet all day and then, right at the moment I decide to site down and write, the neighbors slam the doors, the kids materialize in the courtyard below my balcony screaming and yelling. The phone rings - usually a debt collector or recording from a political group or survey. And then the cats just have to join in- one crying for a treat, another wanting in my lap... you get the idea.

It's Murphy's Law, whoever this guy is, I wish he would leave me alone so that I can write. The spurts just aren't working.

I have moments when I can get something written- less than a page at a time, and often days sometimes weeks apart. Like yesterday- I finally got something written on Zodiac Prelude. It been germinating in my thoughts for some time. As I reached the middle of the page- the door slamming began. It seemed to go on for almost an hour with their back and forth / in and out of the building. I've complained to management but apparently the neighbors don't care. They were quiet for about a month and then went back to the slamming.

Yes, I'm complaining, I think I've a right to. I should have been done with this novel years ago. Unfortunately because of external distractions like the slamming doors and intrusive phone calls- among other things- I can't hold on to the synch. It's been a long time since I've hit the zone. I miss it.

The easy part was turning off my phone's ringer. Friends leave voice mail or a shout on Facebook. I'm thankful that they are being understanding and considerate in this.

The hard part is dousing the external noise. Next month I start using the library on campus at WITCC. I wish I could start this month but I have to wait until I can afford the monthly unlimited bus pass. I'm counting down the days until Sept 3rd. That's payday and one of the first things I'm doing it buying that pass. It will be the first month that I can fit it into the regular budget. Scout and I will travel to campus and back. So, I'm hopeful to have things improved.

What to do in the mean time-

It's only the middle of the month. There are 20 days until the 3rd. That's 3 weeks to manage the chaos around me. I've tried the head phones and ear buds - after an hour or so, my ears begin to turn red and hurt- like the pain from bruises.

With the cats, I've given up- there's no reasoning with the furballs. They don't understand. I don't mind - when it's the chaos they're trying to distract me from.

In the mean time- I've become lost, having fallen down the Netflix rabbit whole since they added some more of my favorite shows- Criminal Minds, NCIS, The X-Files, Heartland (season 6) just to name a few.


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