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Through hardships we toil, with hope and with care,
These moments that test us, almost make us dispair.
They bring us together, forged me and you into one,
This is how I have realised, our bond can not be undone.
Thou are my greatest treasure, my seeker of fun,
To hear those three words from you, after tour done.
There where we lay, our limbs tangled together,
Time it stands still here, love takes flight on a feather.


escorial;bt10308 said:
like all the T's....

Hi esc the T's seemed to turn into a running theme, hahaha, think I really need to improve my poetry as basic and probably crap as it is, right now.
Woah H, we will have no negativity of that kind here thank you very much!

A little practice goes a long way though. I would also like to improve my poetry skills, if only days were a couple of hours longer... more time to procrastinate instead though...
Hi Jam I do apologise however I am no poet, that I know. My strength definatly lies in writing prose I think. But don't worry esc as I can not seem to stop posting my crap on my blog.

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