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love pigeons

As i look out my window , i can see two pigeons sitting side by side.Over two years iv'e watched them come and go,wondering if they are the same birds returning to the same tree they first nested and brought up their young.Do these birds mate for life like swans..maybie i hope so.When night falls they gather up close together always alert to the slightest noise and disturb when the light from my room is switched on.

Hopefully they will return for many a year and never leave as i would miss them,they bring to me a calmness a clarity of thought that only nature can bring.Human life has many paths and probably theirs will be a journey so similar to what we go through.As the days pass and i often look at them and ponder my journey that has felt loss,pain and anguish and hopefully they will survive in their world of the laws of nature.

I will look for them tonight,careful not to disturb them, stand and ponder the days events....look closer into myself and search inside for solutions to lifes problems but what they always do for me is make me smile.



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