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Lost and Infected

Today, I went into the sewers filled with those infected,
sensing that i am not one they have detected.
but instead found the ones who just came in
from outside and about to begin
to understand
the way we stand.
Those who are with me
are about to see
how dangerous they would be if they were alone.
They will not be shielded to what is about to be shown.
I know the infected are there
since I am beware.
but my smell masks the ones so strongly
since I like them fondly.
For I am jealous of their smell
for my body and appearance isn’t doing so swell.
As we move on down the sewer,
I sense someone having to bicker
with a death dog
who used to be a bulldog
before being bitten.
So we hurried to our quarters as the new peeps from Britain
had come to help
and I had to get them out of danger before one of them did a yelp.
I turned to see what has happened
and it turned out more than I bargained
for, which one of them was scratched
by a craw lee sewer rat that we once snatched.
There I grabbed him
to take him to our destination without making a whim
of picking him up.
And when we came into the room in a flash, all sorts of gossip
stopped and looked towards us as I brought him to the bed,
before his body could be mislead.
There we treated him and there they came to understand
on where we stand
in this battle
for the ones to blame isn’t there to look blameful.


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