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Losing out to i.c.t.

In the jobs mkt.
What's an old guy like me to do?


I love working nights and the line of work that I'm in but the workplace is placing such technological demands that I'm longer able to go with the flow. I'm drowning in a sea of confusion here, am no longer up to the task and a time where I shall rendered un-employable my my employer is fast approaching. Damn damn damn computer-based technology.


I’ve no idea how old you are. I am always surprised to find someone in their 50s or early 60s referring to themselves as old. My sister and husband still work in demanding mental jobs at age 78. My dad worked until 71. I’m still part-time, work everyday, in career at 73. I go to continuing education classes every year. My suggestion would be to find a young mentor who can keep you up to speed. I’ve found many people love to share knowledge. I was a great mentor back in the day. I learned to share from an older co-worker who helped me immensely. (You need help from younger one...smiles) When I asked her how I could repay her she said, “Pass it on.” I remembered, and did. Two decades later she came to a public seminar where I was speaking to see me. I thanked her, again. She was quite old by then, but I never forgot her.

I HAVE been told that I should have more faith in myself. Whatever.
Also, I have a saying that, if nothing else, reflects the dire position that I find myself in regarding self-confidence. " i.ct. is very much like the Sun crossword, you get it or you don't" and in this case I don't. To me it's all hieroglyphics, like some kind of word-blindness almost. Also, in freight haulage, deadlines and over-heads are such that you can't be standing over people. You' re shown something once and left to get on with it, or not, as in my case.

So now, where does that leave me. I needlessly wasted more than enough company time this week because I wasn't able to engage with their computer-system. Nothing was said, no one complained because they know I'm not lazy and it's not for the want of trying but.... sas, I'm a Dinosaur. The world is moving on and I'm not able to move with it.

I can't even go to the job-centre because there are no advisers. Only computer terminals. How hopeless is that? Something that is there to help people find work is actually excluding those same people from work opportunities. Feeling despair and frustration like you cannot imagine.

I'm sorry about all this but I just hate having to quit. Well, that's a contradiction. I've been a quitter all my life but not where work-effort and application was concerned.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.
This will seem to be shocking advice coming from me.

Your best self-interest response is not to quit. Being fired would be better strategy, at least here, in The States, due to temporary unemployment payments. I’m unknowledgible about your country, if you choose to leave. Be smart, know consequences of pulling job trigger yourself. Due to your strong work ethic and job longevity, I’m hopeful they may offer you a lateral position where tech is not imperative. Just put your head down, which I know you actually do, and hang in. Really. Best move for you is to do nothing. Rare advice from me, only given to those who have no recourse.
that IS my only option but I feel the disappointment of others so acutely that it has become a living hell and I don't know if what little self-esteem that I DO have could survive my being shunted into a nothing job.

This is making me so miserable. Mainly because I can't see a tolerable solution.

Thanks for your input here sas, very much appreciated. Sorry for being such a whinger.
Perhaps dither, we could do like the Matrix, and turn you into a battery. How does that sound, hmm? A nice cozy battery floating in, um, some fluid in-in some sort of 'chamber'. Yes... Tubes -and, and- cables. Mm?
what I'd really like, what I'd really really like, is to not be of this world but... such is the law right now and my being being such an absolute wimp, I'm stuck with it. So yes please, suspended animation until such a time when my very existence might be accepted as non-viable. Let's do it.
If you have some work experience, have you thought you could become a librarian? I don't know all the requisites and it could connect to your writing as a hobby. I know it is competitive, so having said that at least consider visiting the resources departments of several places. Maybe the UK employs people who have special needs. Not saying anything bad about that dither. I hope you get over this difficulty. There is always the phone book to contact other people. In the us anyways anyone can be a librarian's volunteer. It was suggested as a way of seeing how I could handle people. There must be an employment program in the public sector, for people who need it. Do the research if you would like to see what your possibilities are.

This will, no doubt, sound like ridiculous advice:

Tomorrow capitalize the D in dither.

Even small steps take us somewhere. Start with that one.

(my ego is enormous, so I don’t capitalize sas...really)
I'm in my 60s and I've never been unemployed.
My problem is that technology has advanced so rapidly that it is leaving me behind in the work-place.
Not sure about the "people" thing.

I appreciate what you're saying but I'm so low key I could probably walk under a terrier wearing a Top-hat.
Yeah, I know, you've never seen a Terrier wearing a Top hat.
Aren't I the funny one.
The world is unfair. Life is brutish, and short.
All we can do is fight was well as we can, as long as we can.
If you give up, the World will not care. But for what it's worth, I and others here do.

The "C" in ICT is "communications". You do that well. Build from that strength.
Your competition, 40 years your junior, is at a disadvantage. I've seen how most of them "communicate". Take your walk this weekend. Think about that. Then go kick some butt Monday.

what a great comment.

At work I keep myself to myself. The differences between my colleagues and I, I don't really object to the younger generation, they probably find me ask difficult to understand as I do them. The real problem is that I don't try with them or with most people really. We disagree on something? Okay, whatever, bye! I won't try to persuade/inform and or communicate anything. If people really don't get what I'm saying I'll have my say and then distance myself from then to the point of isolation and ultimately exclusion. People won't approach me at work unless they have to and I'm pretty much left to my own devices in the knowledge that I'm doing my work to the best of my ability and I'm trusted to get on with it in my own way.

I don't " kick butt ", I'm sorry. I can't say that I'm completely happy to go it alone but the price of the inclusion, the terms and conditions, the demands are just to great for me.

I'm not ready to pack in work. I would survive I suppose but I couldn't ever see myself just sitting/not wanting paid employment of some sort. For so many years now, I traded on my punctuality, reliability, honesty, and of course , work ethic, I'm no slouch. For many those things remain to be the bottom line in employment requirements and so, for now, the ditherwagon trundles on.

Maybe things aren't quite so bad as I make out, I really did have an awful week last week. Life can be a bit of a roller-coaster with out the highs. Just lows and not so lows.

We'll see.

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