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Looking forward to spring,

The sunshine and the rain, the blossom of my beloved Blackthorn and the Elderberry, looking as though it has been coated with a Champagne-froth.
Sunday cricket, old biddies and some not so old, in their whites, playing bowls.
Saturday megariding, Church fetes, cakes and preserves, ices and scones, and tea on the lawn.
Sweet "set aside"meadows, paddocks awash with buttercups, mares with foals, the absolute and unashamed "Englishness" of it all.
The bumble of the bee, i hope, squawking Starling chicks, the song of the storm-cock and so much, so much more.

Who knows?
Maybe i'll feel like posting again.
The dark before the dawn.

Life eh?



Me too. A little spot of sunshine goes a long way... and it was so blissfully balmy today :)
As far as the forums go right now i'm in hibernation.
I need sunny spring time and my beloved blackthorn. When that stuff is in blossom i feel so alive. It invigorates me.
I'm just a fair-weather scribbler i suppose.

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