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Looking Down Their Nose at Coach

Preface: Maybe it's not true. Just internet "click bait".

One of these Bing / MSN stories about "What Airline Attendants (Stewardesses) Look For When Passengers Board".
Here's the two that got me:

Supposedly, they look for "big, able-bodied people (men) to help in an emergency". The article explained that if a Stewardess needs help with an unruly passenger, they would like to conscript some beefcake to subdue the miscreant. This misses two important facts. First, many people in prime shape are not "big". Fit, wiry folks can squeeze-in and apply pressure to a drunkard much easier than some large, muscle-bound guy. Secondly, you don't throw gasoline on a fire. I worked in corrections for years. You wanna subdue some a-hole? Get a woman with a firm demeanor to talk him down. Guys fight guys, they do not fight someone that reminds them of their momma.

The other one was "... Flight Attendants look at how passengers are dressed, and consider them for an upgrade to Business or First Class".
Really?! What a bunch of class-based horse-muffins.
Here's a better idea: Look for the singe mum traveling with a well-behaved child. Or the elderly couple. REGARDLESS of how they are dressed.
If some well-dressed tightwad didn't want to pony-up for a better seat, so what?
On our honeymoon (25 years ago) Mexicana Airlines upgraded my wife and I to First Class. We were poor newlyweds, definitely not dressed well.
They saw something besides our clothes.

This is not meant as a diss to Stewardesses. I know it's a hard job. BUT the airline industry has poisoned our culture. We're people. Not things.
I studied Jeremy Bentham and Utilitarianism. This is not it.


Great, and valid post, Winston.

I like your suggestions about first class upgrade. But, airlines bump up those they believe might have money, so they get a taste of what their money would get them, next time. Everything is a business. Pity.

And, you are dead on about women being able to defuse situations, not escalate them. My sister was a plain clothes Detroit detective. (BTW: back in those days women needed an Associates degree, men High School). Anyway, when a domestic trouble call came in, women were preferred to take the lead. Seems odd, I know, since the guy was threatening a woman. But, it worked.

We need more women out front, everywhere. And, we sure don't need the "let's rough 'em up" mentality that incites more violence.

Anyway, glad you posted. Sas .
Some stereo types are true to some extent or they would not exist. There is a time and a place for talk and a time and a place for violence, not everyone responds to words. My guess is that is the real concern

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