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Lone reader reads again.

Went out today..felt like walking and see were I end up..weather was crap so I packed my flask and sarny, notebook and a poetry read. I'm sitting in a coffee house an the rains pouring outside so I drink read. Buy a mug of coffee and away I go then remembered the sarny I put in me bag. Eating away a young lad comes up and says.."You can't eat food that's not been bought here." I replied I bought a coffee dude . "Nope not allowed sir!"..I leave and man when you try and get away for a bit of quite relaxation people just miff me off. Yeah!..rules an all that but can you not do anythink these days without having to spend money.


Everybody is on the make, dog eat dog.

As for the weather,i've just had a night of it and i'm feeling quite knackered, the wind and rain really gnaws when you're out in night after night. Never mind, my choice.

Oh well, once get my bus, and my chips, i shall be okay.:)
dog eat dog..so right...dither..I'm packed ready to go out again today so I might end up on the bus with a bag of chips dude..stay safe man.

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