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Logic tells me 'no', but everything that matters is screaming 'yes.'

It's about that time, eh, chaps? Right-ho.

I shall begin with a question... is drinking a particularly bad thing to do? An odd question to ask, I understand and (taking most of my forum posts in to consideration) I bet you all realise my thoughts on the matter. But, just to clarify: Of course it isn't!
Just so I can pointlessly hammer this point home, I'm going to go get buggered, come back, then finish writing this blog...



Mission accomplished!

On to the point at hand: whatever it was before has now slipped my mind, but my thoughts on this subject are many. Thus, I do believe this blog won't be a complete waste of time.... but perhaps you should judge this fact.
Now, as is often the case with gentlemen such as myself I have gathered a repertoire of friends (casual acquaintances in my mind) who are all, to the man, what one would call 'fit,' 'healthy,' 'good-looking' or - my personal favourite - 'vapid and pointless.' All are fine people, I assure you. I won't name any names, mostly because I don't want a sound thrashing, but also because they are honourable people who deserve whatever self-righteous sense of privacy they tell me they deserve; at great length. Now, all of these CAs are worried about the way I am destroying myself, lessening my life-span; constantly doing the exact opposite of whatever television fitness channel they have been worshipping advises. This, in my eyes, is not a bad thing. Fitness is great, sure. You can run faster and longer, lift heavier objects, take pictures of yourself in the mirror, etc. but none of it - for me, atleast - has any intrinsic value. If I were to stop, say, drinking, smoking, eating rich foods, basically all the things that encompass up to 40% of my weekly ritual, I would feel cheapened, bored... but more importantly, I feel I would be cheating myself.
I have faced this fact long ago. Eventually my liver will fail, yes. My lungs will start secreting black goo, sure. My heart will sound like the rhythm from 'raining blood' by Slayer, absolutely. But, and this is the most important point, I will have enjoyed myself. This, I believe, is what life is all about. The release of certain chemicals in to the body due to activities one finds enjoyable. I'm sure the biology is a off at that point, but I'm on a roll here, feel free to correct me later.

I am not claiming that the CAs lives are pointless, because they aren't. They must do what they believe is right in their own eyes, and I adamantly refuse to fault them for this (however, one is a very militant Catholic... I shall have to deal with that at some point). It is not my place to decide what is right or what is wrong for anyone but myself, but neither is it their place to constantly whisper in my ear about 'bad life decisions,' or 'you're circling the drain,' or 'you are going to go to Hell (I really should deal with that...)' The fact is, I am confident in who I am: I am drinker, a smoker, a portly purveyor of fine foods. None of this hinders me in any way, shape or form. I don't partake in Sport because I find it utterly boring, not because whenever I find the enthusiasm to kick a ball I fall to the ground, weazing, recalling flaashbacks from wars that ended long before I was born... you weren't there, man.

I enjoy the company of the CAs, honestly I do, but if you're reading this (and no doubt you will have because I have badgered you for 20 minutes to do so) please, for the love of deities I don't believe in, stop trying to change me.

As for everyone on the WF, thank you for reading. And, as always, have a pleasant day. :salut:


Drinking is actually good, if taken in moderation... And it's fun getting drunk once in a while, too. X\'D
I will admit: I thoroughly enjoy the mind-numbing effects of alcohol. However, and as odd as this may seem with regard to my last comment, I am heavily into fitness [and health]. Notice the brackets around health...this is because if one is to be "healthy" then excess amounts of alcohol have no place in one's diet. But, alas, onto my point: I wholeheartedly believe that fitness DOES have intrinsic value...and yes, even for you. As humans, I believe it has always been in our nature to move. Do we need to train to be fitness superstars or professional athletes? No, of course not. However, just like alcohol relieves us of boredom and takes us to another level, so does intense exercise. At times, for me, it can almost be spiritual. Just my $0.02.


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