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Living in a vacuum



Life,and time, passes,so quickly. In the blink of an eye, the "here and now" ( i love that expression, coined by soul to soul in one of their many hits ) becomes the "there and then", and then, on the other hand, time seems to drag so slowly, how strange.
I want tomorrow, now.
If only, oh i keep saying that, if only'if only'if only.
What's wrong with me?
A life bereft of vitality.
It's my damned legs, "my ephing legs".
I read somewhere, some doctor claimed, that most peoples' aches and pains could be healed by just a few months ( five or six at most ) off the treadmill that is working life. Yeah right, i think i'll take six months off, just like that, as if.
But my legs are driving me to distraction. The trouble is that in my lifetime my legs have taken such a hammering over the years, but i am so open to the possibilities and opportunities that are out there, mentally, at least i would be, if only the nagging gnawing hurting would stop, it affects my every waking moment.
My doctor says there's nothing wrong with my legs. I actually think that it might be tendonitis, talk about a hiding to nothing.
And so, for now, on this fine and sunny late-September afternoon, i shall just bust open another can, and wait for nightfall.
Something to read might help, but i find it hard to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. I have the attention-span of a gnat.
Something to think about perhaps, stimulation,challenge,discussion, a conundrum or two perhaps, but something worthwhile, something relevant, something that matters. Not wanting to save the world, or his dog, just,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh i don't know.

I think too much.


I DID warn you, it's a whinge, that's all. I made my bed and i shall lie in it.
I suppose it all gets a bit much for many of us at times.

If it weren't for my damned legs though.


is it human interaction you want..not on the forum but actual physical contact with someone...if it's part of it only you can change that..physical pain that's a tuff one man....time is short and we can spend to much time wasting it..just get out there and seek new experiences or let them find you..only you can find whatever it is your looking for...drinking is ok man but life experiences are better..later dude
Human interaction just doesn't work for me. I do think about it sometimes, that's probably the most readily available way of killing boredom.
Aches and pains, well, i'm not twenty am i ?
Life-experiences,mmmmmmmmmm, not sure about that one.
I'm not a big drinker, and would never do anything to jeopardise my job.
It helps to blur the weekend,round a few jagged edges, y'know?
dithering is a word that i now think of when im just doing stuff..a bag of chips and a bus ride.. i'm still dithering..you've added to my world dude.
Lol, thanks Escorial.

Was thinking, i could have dithered all around Britain. how's that for a book title?

Dithering round Britain.
I think too much.


I wonder what a day without thinking too much would involve. I remember at one point in my hectic life envying you because your problems seemed so simple and calm.

I envy you in one respect, most of the time I have to react and seldom have the time to really think things out. If I could I would trade you a day, you in my shoes me in yours. It would be an adventure for both of us
maybe my problem is that really, i don't have a problem. Nothing that can't be fixed anyway.
As for spending time thinking, dwelling on things, i don't have the energy for much else.
The swap adventure, i probably wouldn't last five minutes, and you'd be bored to tears.

I have 18 hour days x 5, that's why my weekends seem so calm.
might have been better employed there maybe , but not MY problems.
In what area? Good question.
Trouble is, i'm not that clever, nor am i well enough educated.
Not that any of this really matters now.

Just dithering.

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