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like a tourist.

How strange life [moods and feelings] can be. Yesterday, for the first time since I went to buy my cbd capsules, I don't know, four five weeks ago, I decided that since I wouldn't be able to get to my favoured Asda store on Monday and I had to get my capsules today [ yesterday actually. Saturday] that I would do my weekly shop in the local Morrison's and that would have to do and so, bright and early, having got home from work and killed a couple of hours, off I went to Barkton.

As I stepped off the bus I headed straight for the Library, the chips would have to wait a while, and this really was a weird one. Just like old times and this time, although I wasn't really aware of how I was feeling at that moment in time, it really was.... just like old times. Where, usually, I would have a set plan and route mapped out in my head, and treat the morning as some kind of military exercise, I was in no mood to hurry. The job would ​ get done. All in good time. And I sauntered.

I'd begun to browse in the "biographies" when I heard the loud slap of a book landing on the floor behind me. I turned around to see what had occurred , a man who had pinned a "not in use" notice on the toilet-door, there went my free pee, stood facing me, we looked at each other for a second and glanced down at the book which was lying there on the floor between us. He went about his business as though it wasn't there and I went to pick it up. Why was it there? Why? HOW Had it fallen from the shelf? I do tend to dwell on stuff like that, but there it was. Was I being, am I , superstitious? So I, being me, picked it up, would take it out on loan, and give it a read. " After The Crash " by Martin Spinelli.

Now it was time for some chips and a gentle stroll, through the town. Taking my time and making for Morrison's.

As I strolled through the town centre It was almost as though I'd never been there before. People, walking, talking, laughing, smiling, and the shop fronts all seemed new, perhaps I was simply seeing them anew, some of them were of course, I marveled at everything. I really did feel like a tourist. For the first time in such a long time, I was enjoying being there. Maybe I was simply enjoying just "being". I might have been anywhere I suppose but I found the whole thing quite intoxicating. Oh what a joy to be out and about and that realisation was pleasing, food for the soul. Well, maybe not soul exactly. Spirit. Whatever.

Next stop en route would be H&B in the shopping centre to pick up my cbd capsules. " I'm sorry" said the chap at the counter " we don't have them in stock. They're click and collect. I can order some for you".
" But the girl who I saw last week said that you were having a delivery on Tuesday and that you would have some in stock." Said I.
"Yes, but not the capsules." Said he.
" I can order some for you he offered."
Yes, that would be fine.
"They are on offer. Half price."
He seemed pleased to inform me and at a regular price of thirty five quid I wasn't complaining.
Then, when it came to paying for them, my advantage card didn't work.
"She couldn't have activated it properly." He offered and then set about registering a new one for.
"Okay. No worries." From a still happy happy smiley me.

Shopping in Morrison's,,, was,,, fine. But I don't like Morrison's. Well? I was now. People got in my way, held me up, as is their wont but I didn't mind. As the realisation hit them they frowned and/or smiled apologetically, some actually said sorry, I just smiled and said "no worries" and that is so ​not me. Shopping done, bagged and paid for, I went to return my shopping-trolley to where they're stored and as I exited the stored I paused, straightened my spine, threw back my shoulders and took a few deep breaths. Good morning world I thought to myself. How arrrrrre ya? And the feel good still wasn't done with me. Since I would be returning to Morrison's next Saturday because of having to collect my cbd caps I checked out the opening times. They open at 7.00. am. I could go straight to there from work. Well! Maybe we shall see.

When my bus arrived it was a single-decked, half full with passengers and there was a long queue of people waiting to board it. Being loaded up with shopping, tote-bag and backpack, I didn't feel like the push and shove of a crowded bus. I would wait for the next one, and y'know what? I didn't mind. I found myself a seat, munched on hot cross buns and enjoyed the moment.

life eh?


I even felt like poking around the stores for a new work-coat but didn't have the cash. I've always carried a cash card with me just in case. But not this time. The one time that I feel like lingering I don't have it with me. Next week perhaps.


It's these moments in life that I cherish. They seem to come out of nowhere. Maybe we can all find ways to fall into them a little more often. Thanks for sharing this one with me, and hope the CBD capsules are working out okay.
I DO think that the capsules are helping Smith. Yes, I've still got my creaky achy joints but I don't feel the soreness in my tendons. If anything I'd say that the cbd is a super anti-inflammatory. I shall be sticking with it anyway.

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